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Valentina Release 13.3 Notes

Release 13.3.0


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Tips] - VStudio now can teach you a little about its features.
    • Tips can be displayed at the start of vstudio (good for beginners)
    • Or you can find them in the HELP menu.
    • Tips are grouped by categories and you can select which to display.
  • [Imp][Schema Editor] - Now when you connect to a DB Server and see a list of databases, no need to double-click a database to open it, because VStudio considers all databases always opened.
  • [Imp][Schema Editor] - Column View:
    • On the right side of the column header you can see the counter now.
      • For Databases/Schemas you can see now 2 counters to easily understand how many objects are hidden.
    • Each column now has “dynamic” buttons, which are shown only when the mouse cursor is moved near to column header.
      • Different columns may have different sets of buttons.
      • Button “+” allows opens dialog to create object of the corresponding type.
      • Button “Search” - displays the SEARCH-FILTER in the column header.
      • Button “Options” - displays a dialog where you can choose which Database/Schema to display and which to hide.

  • [Imp][Data Editor] - Improved the speed in x3-x4 times overall …
    • Especially for DateTime values.
  • [Fix][Query Editor]9211 - After dragging a table from the related tables list to the Query Editor scene the table control is duplicated.
  • [Fix][Dump][MySQL] - When option enabled: “Surround the INSERT statements with statements to disable and enable keys”.

Valentina Server

  • [New] - Sending UDP using new SQL command (non-standard).
    • __SEND_UDP_MESSAGE __HOST str_or_var __PORT n __BODY str_or_var

Release 13.3.1


Valentina Studio

  • [Imp] More Tips added.
  • [Fix][Report Editor] - Fixed setting font size = 12 pt from the report editor toolbar.
  • [Imp][Data Editor]9221 - Button REFRESH in the main toolbar now re-apply filter if it was applied before.
  • [Fix][Data Editor]9218 - VStudio-DataEditor-FilterRow: Entered values of active filter are not visible after leaving the cell
  • [Imp][Sql Editor] - 'Default Schemas' menu choices now is saved to prefs and restored on the next start of VStudio.
  • [Imp][Sql Editor] - Implemented background async re-loading of idents when needed.
  • [Imp][Sql Editor] - Autocompletion - TAB-key did work wrongly if applied to a “<Smart Suggestion>” item. Now it works correctly, as ENTER-key.
  • [Imp][Sql Editor] - Autocompletion - ESC pressing now refreshes wrong idents. This fixes a very rare issue.
  • [Imp][Sql Editor] - IdentResolver - now recognise Valentina Report parameters $P() and $P!(), to not underline them as 2 wrong idents.
  • [Imp][Sql Editor] - IdentResolver - PostgreSQL-style of type-casting 'ident::type' now is recognised. Affects PostgreSQL and ValentinaDB.
  • [Fix][Sql Editor] - IdentResolver - is refreshed on changes in the 'Default Schemas' menu.
  • [Fix][Sql Editor] - IdentResolver - for databases with schemas - the query of type SELECT schema.funcName()

Release 13.3.3


Valentina Studio

  • [Fix]9229 - Duplication of the subreport column header (preceding control has size_type=Relative To Region option).
  • [Fix]9231[SQLite] - Can't open SQLite databases via Open Database.
  • [Fix][PostgreSQL][Data Editor] - Fix showing NULL values for the timestamp in Data Editor.
  • [Fix][PostgreSQL][Data Editor] - Fixed refresh of links and functions.