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Valentina Release 13.5 Notes

Release 13.5.0


Valentina Reports

  • [New] Reports for MongoDB. The source query can be defined in one of the following forms (controlled by the Language option of the query):
    • JSON – using commands which return a result set, e.g. { “find”:“collection_name” }
             "find": "test"
    • JavaScript – retrieve data using JavaScript code. This approach is analogous to JavaScript-based queries for SQL data sources; only the API differs.
  • [New] Source query can be defined using JavaScript code. This allows JavaScript to build a set of data and produce a report. To do it, switch the Language option of the query to JavaScript. The code should return data in one of the following forms:
    • Array of objects where each object represents a row:
      let data = [ { "Column1": "Value11", "Column2": "Value21" },{ "Column1": "Value12", "Column2": "Value22" } ];
    • Single object, just one row:
       let data = { "Column1": "Value11", "Column2": "Value2" };
    • Cursor returned by the datasource after execution of an arbitrary query:
       let data = datasource.sqlSelect("SELECT 1 AS Column1, 2 AS Column2, 3 AS Column3");


  • [New] Content of text controls (text field, expression field, label) can be printed on multiple pages if it doesn't fit on one page. This behavior is controlled by the following options of the spllit_type property:
    • Allow Split By Line – Long text can be split after any line of the text.
    • Allow Split By Paragraph – Long text can be split after the new line character.
  • [Wiki] Executing MongoDB Commands in the Valentina Studio in JSON and JavaScript forms.
  • [Wiki] MongoDB extension of Valentina Reports JavaScript API. New API can be used in scripts and JavaScript-based source queries.
  • [Wiki] Step-by-step tutorial describing the creation of the simplest report based on data coming from MongoDB datasource.

Valentina DB

  • [Imp] Few internal improvements for better performance - using more std containers, algorithms instead of own solutions, String class improvements.
  • [Fix]9237 - Crash in SHOW command with tricky db-name.
  • [Fix]9240 - Comparing the result of the LEFT function using '=' operator is wrong.
  • [Fix]9242 - UDF's args behave like IO instead of IN.
  • [Fix]9245 - “Unexpected Exception on Reindex of : field_name” - Add table name to log message.
  • [Fix]9247 - SQL Diagnose node always creates a file with diagnose report.
  • [Fix]9249 - SQL Diagnose should produce an additional boolean field for diagnose result.

Valentina Studio

  • [New][Report Editor] provides GUI to work with MongoDB datasource via JSON and JS.
  • [New][SQL Editor] - Now it can work with MongoDB using JavaScript. Before only JSON was available.
    • Yes, future we will rename 'SQL Editor' to 'Query Editor'.
  • [New] - Database Documentation Generator.
    • A special project which produces a report with a description of all major DB objects.
    • Based on Valentina Reports
    • Works for ValentinaDB, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL.
    • [FREE] version users can adjust the datasource and generate predefined reports without modifications.
    • [PRO] owners can tune .vsp project to their needs
  • [Fix][MySQL] Skip adding precision and scale to SQL definition of the floating point type fields if unnecessary.
  • [Imp][PostgreSQL] Now the Data Editor filter is case-insensitive by default (similar to other engines).

Valentina Report ADKs [ALL]

  • [New] - Reports for MongoDB

Valentina Report Server

  • [New] - Reports for MongoDB

Valentina for Xojo

  • [Imp] Added VDatabase.JournalFolder property. It can be useful for applications distributed via the Mac App Store. macOS may not allow the creation of the journal file near the database file, so it can be created, for example, in the Application Support folder.

Release 13.5.1


Valentina Studio

  • [Imp][Mac] - UPDATED LIBS: SSH to 1.11.1, OpenSSL to 1.1.1w, CURL to 8.4
  • [Imp][Win Intel] - UPDATED LIBS: SSH to 1.11.1, OpenSSL to 1.1.1w, CURL to 8.4
  • [Imp][Win][Mac] - Updated PostgreSQL Client library and dump utility to 16.0.
  • [Fix][Start Page][Win] - Crash sometimes during load and opening of Project Examples.
  • [Fix][Start Page][Mac] - Crash sometimes during load and opening of Project Examples.
  • [Fix][Mac] - sending crash-logs. Was need newer SSL library.
  • [Fix][SQLDiff] - crash on showing found differences.
  • [Fix][GUI][SCHEMA EDITOR] - don't use whole space on show long text in bottom pane.
  • [Fix][Diagrams] - Fixed saving diagram with non-English language chosen in the Preferences.

Valentina DB

  • [Fix]9280 - Mail's Message-ID should be unique

Release 13.5.2


Valentina Studio

  • [Imp][Main Menu] - Documentation Generator added to the 'Tools' menu.
  • [Imp][Schema Editor] - Documentation Generator now can be called easy from the contextual menu of a Valentina DB in Schema Editor.
    • TODO - other databases going to get this in the next release.
  • [Fix]9281 - Update field value not correctly updates field

Valentina Xojo

  • [Fix][Win32] issue on Windows 32.