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Valentina DB Components

VKernel DLL

This DLL contains Valentina DB Engine. This section describes the API of access to this DLL as well as SQL, manual, and features.

  • Valentina DB SQL – An introduction to Valentina SQL, the implementation of SQL 1992-2003 with Valentina extensions. See also: FAQs | TIPs

VReport DLL

This DLL contains Valentina Report Engine. This DLL is linked to vkernel.dll and requires it. Your application will use this DLL working with a LOCAL Valentina project file (.vsp).

VClient DLL

This DLL contains mainly PROXY objects of the same API that have VKERNEL.DLL. These proxy objects send commands to VSERVER by TCP/IP network and get back results. These proxy objects allow you to work with a remote Valentina Server, which manages a Valentina Database and/or a Valentina Project file. in the same way as with local DBS.

  • Valentina Performance Guide – Discuss aspects related to the performance of Valentina Client and your application, which works as a client to VSERVER.