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Valentina Licensing Scenarios

Valentina licensing is very flexible and customizable to meet your needs and the needs of your customers. Because there are so many options, we have set up a specialized FAQ on licensing scenarios based on questions asked by other customers.

VDN First or ADK Upgrade to VDN Later

Q: I am planning on shipping a product with a local database only in a few months but plan on having a client-server solution within the year. What solution is best for me?

A: Transitioning a local database solution to a client-server solution is not necessarily a difficult transition for the database implementation. But developers often create data driven products that have network features not specific to databases. Even if implementing a client-server solution is a year away, you can reduce the number of potential gotchas by planning the local database solution for scalability immediately. From a purely development perspective, VDN first provides you with the tools you need for testing and limited deployment purposes.