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Valentina for Adobe Flex With Zinc

We have a developer, which has got success to use Valentina Server with Flex applications made with help of Zinc framework. This developer sent us instructions how to setup this configuration on Windows.

1) Download and Install Valentina Office Server

You also should download a fresh demo license from http://www.paradigmasoft.com/download/license_win.zip

Uncompress it and drop it in the folder Program Files/VServer_Office/Licenses

Make sure the VServer service is ‘started’ by going to

Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services

2) Download and Install Valentina Studio

This desktop application allows to work with Valentina Server easily in visual way.

3) Run VStudio, wait a few moments and the VServer instances will appear in the first column of the Schema Browser.

Double click on a VServer instance and enter the user and password. Default user/password is sa/sa.

4) Now when you are connected to VServer you can create a database and tables.

5) Quit VStudio.

6) Now you should download and install the VODBC driver and set it up to work with Valentina Office Server as described on VODBC wiki page …


You may get an error as follows …

“This application has failed to start because dnssd.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”

You can search for this dll file on the web and download and copy it to Windows\System32

Now you should have a working VServer with a database, and VODBC that exposes it as an ODBC data source with some name.

8) Now you can connect to this ODBC data source from your Flex app using MDM Zinc ADO functionality.

Use the following syntax from Flex/Flash (replace ‘myDatabase’ with the name of the database you created in VStudio) …

    "Driver={Valentina ODBC Driver};Host=localhost;Port=15432;

For other ADO methods see the Zinc LiveDocs site.

For other connection strings see the Valentina Wiki page connection