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General notes

The Valentina database server PHP backend is designed to be compliant with the most popular database interface nowadays - MYSQL interface. Also there are ready files to make database abstract layer solutions work with Valentina.


Another goal to achieve is to give you an easy and fast way to make your working PHP projects use advantages of Valentina. Generally all you have to do is to find-and-replace function prefixes from mysql_ to valentina_ in all your PHP files and correct SQL scripts. And that's all.

Thus it is so easy, there are some small interface differences described in the next session but they are neither major nor common usable.

Interface differences

* DONOTHING FUNCTIONS: some functions from 'classic' MYSQL API were not implemented due to differences in the internal architecture of Valentina server and MYSQL server. These are only the administrative/description functions that are not really needed in the working PHP solution, but are sometimes useful for gathering information about the database structure etc…

Here are some examples of these functions: valentina_list_dbs(), valentina_thread_id(), etc.

Here is the complete List of the DONOTHING functions.

* SQL differences : when you are migrating from another database to Valentina remember to watch the SQL queries used in your solution - some SQL tokens from other databases SQL extensions are not compatible with the SQL 92, so you will have to correct it. It is recommended to write always compatible SQL - some tools like PHP PEAR DB, PHP AdoDB can help you in this. DB can be obtained at http://pear.php.net.

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