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int valentina_errno ( [resource link_identifier] )


Name Description
link_identifierThe VServer connection. If the link identifier is not specified, the last link opened by valentina_connect() is assumed. If by chance no connection is found, an E_WARNING level warning is generated.


Returns the error number from the last VSerever function.

Errors coming back from the VServer database backend no longer issue warnings. Instead, use valentina_errno() to retrieve the error code. Note that this function only returns the error code from the most recently executed VServer function (not including valentina_error() and valentina_errno() ), so if you want to use it, make sure you check the value before calling another VServer function.

Return Values

Returns the error number from the last VServer function, or 0 (zero) if no error occurred.


Example 1.

$link = valentina_connect('localhost', 'val_user', 'val_password');
if (!valentina_select_db('nonexistentdb', $link)) {
   echo valentina_errno($link) . ": " . valentina_error($link). "\n";
valentina_select_db("test_db", $link);
if (!valentina_query("SELECT * FROM nonexistenttable", $link)) {
   echo valentina_errno($link) . ": " . valentina_error($link) . "\n";

The above example will output something similar to:

533764: Invalid database name.
460035: Table "nonexistenttable" not found.


Complete list of the VServer error codes available in the VServer technical documentation.

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