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Data Editor - Layouts

The Data Editor allows you to specify which fields to show and their order for main and related tables. You customize and display data in the Data Editor as appropriate to your workflow, and save these settings as Layouts.

The Layouts feature lets you save these adjustments in Valentina Studio Pro.

It is possible to create several layouts for each table to show, for example, different aspects of data.

Also one layout can be used in multiple databases with the same structure. This helps, for example, to work in development/test/production environments using the same set of layouts.

Layout Menu

The current layout is shown in the top-right corner of the Data Editor in the combo box:

Layout menu, shown on click on this combo box, allows to switch the layout or perform various actions on layouts:

This menu consists of three sections:

  1. Section with default layout. In this layout the order of fields and their set are default
  2. List of user layouts created for current table
  3. Layout actions - list of actions applicable to the currently selected layout

Possible layout actions:

  • New Layout… - create a new layout based on the current adjustments
  • Save - save changes made to the layout
  • Reset - reset changes
  • Delete… - delete the current layout
  • Manage… - shows Layouts Editor dialog with extended actions over layouts

If the current layout was modified, it is marked with “*” sign:

Layouts Editor

Layout editor allows to perform the next tasks:

  • View layouts in different modes
  • Rename layouts
  • View layout table name
  • Change binding to the current database
  • Remove one or few layouts at once

The Layouts Editor has the following interface:

It has three display modes:

  • Current Table - show layouts only for the current table
  • Current Database - show layouts only for the current database
  • All Layouts - show all existing layouts

The list of layouts has three columns:

  • Layout - view and edit layout name
  • Table - view table name of layout
  • Current DB - allows to view and edit binding to the current database

You can delete selected layouts using the Delete button.