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Data Editor - Variant Field

You can view and change values of VARIANT fields in Valentina databases using the Data Editor.

You can edit String values within in the grid, but to set values of other types then use the Variant Editor.

To activate the Variant Editor, double-click in the cell of a VARIANT field. The Edit Variant Dialog opens. You can change the Variant Type with the Variant selector and change the contexts of the field within the edit area.

Variant Editor

Type select list is located at the top of the dialog. It contains a menu with possible types:

Value Types

Depending on the type of value the editor has appropriate controls to edit it.

On switch of the type the value is converted to the new type if possible, otherwise, the default value is assigned.

String Value Variant Editor

This is a custom string editor to edit text contained in a Variant.

String Value

Boolean Value Variant Editor

This is a custom Boolean editor to edit a Boolean value contained in a Variant.

Boolean Value

Binary Value Variant Editor

This is a custom binary data editor to edit binary data contained in a Variant.

Binary Value

Picture Value Variant Editor

This is a custom picture editor to display and edit Picture contained in a Variant.

Picture Value

Date And Time Values Variant Editor

These are custom editors for selecting options or entering numeric data for DATE or Time data stored in Variants.

Date Value

DateTime Value

Time Value

Numeric Values Variant Editor

This is a custom number editor to edit numerical data contained in a Variant.

Numeric Value