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Form Editor - CheckBox - Field Help

Form Editor - CheckBox - Field

The CheckBox - Field control provides a checkbox with a text label.

A checkbox is an option button that can be switched on (checked) or off (unchecked). Checkboxes are typically used to represent features in an application that can be enabled or disabled without affecting others.

This control is bound to the boolean field of the table and allows the user to edit its value. The current value of the checkbox is taken right from the field and each change is applied immediately to the field.


Form Editor - CheckBox - Field Properties

  • Data Mode – Defines how the control value change is applied to the field:
    • Inherited – The mode is inherited from the parent form
    • Add – The value is intended for a new record
    • Edit – The value is assigned to the field, but not committed
    • Edit And Commit – The value is assigned to the field and committed
    • ReadOnly – The value can't be changed
    • Filter – The value is used to filter data by the bound field, the filter must be applied manually using the applyFilters method.
    • Filter And Accept – The value is used to filter data by the bound field, filter applied automatically.
  • Name – The name of the control.
  • Field – The bound field.
  • Text – The text written next to the checkbox.
  • Tooltip – The tooltip text.
  • Enabled – Defines whether the control is enabled or not.


  • clicked – The slot is called when the button is activated (i.e., pressed down then released while the mouse cursor is inside the button) or when click() or animateClick() is called. Notably, this signal is not emitted if you change down, checked properties or call toggle() method.
  • needUpdate – This slot is called when the form elements should be updated, for example, on the change of the current record.
  • toggled – The slot is called whenever a checkable button changes its state. This may be the result of a user action, click() slot activation, or because the checked property is changed.

Layout Item

  • Alignment – Defines both the horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • Expand Horizontal – If ON the control is expanded horizontally.
  • Expand Vertical – If ON the control is expanded vertically.


  • Width – The width of the control.
  • Height – The height of the control (Disabled).