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Valentina Release 8.7.x Notes

Release 8.7.0


Valentina Studio


  • [New][Free] Valentina Studio now can connect to Valentina Embedded Server without the special signature.
  • [New][Diagram Editor][Free]6788 [New] Allows Show | Hide of some FK relations within a diagram
  • [New][Diagram Editor][Free]8415 Diagram with ALL tables of a database. In the dialog “Add Tables” you can select a checkbox [x] option: Add Existing Tables

See picture:

  • [New][Diagram Editor][Free] - Drag and drop multiple tables and other objects from the left-side panel to a diagram.
  • [New][SQL Editor][Pro]8416 Drag and drop objects of a schema from the left sidebar of SQL Editor into the edit area. On drop, a dialog appears, where you can choose which command you want to generate and additional options. Read More...

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  • [New][SQL Editor][Pro]8417 Underline Not Resolved Idents in major SQL commands
    • [New][SQL Editor] top-right button to Enable | Disable this feature

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  • [New][SQL Editor][Pro]8418 fromCode operation. Removes quotes and escapes in the text copied from e.g. C# or PHP into SQL Editor, in order to get a clean SQL query ready for execution within Valentina Studio.
    • New menu item “From Code” in the menu “SQL”
    • New button in the toolbar of SQL Editor
    • Can be applied to a selection of text in the SQL Editor

  • [New][SQL Editor][Pro]8419 Execute Current button, which allows executing of only one SQL statement, where the text cursor is located.

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  • [Fix][Diagram Editor]7478 Collapse list objects.
  • [Fix][Diagram Editor]7483 'Show grid' show and hides the grid
  • [Fix][Diagram Editor]7715 Wrong query for deleting few child objects
  • [Fix][Diagram Editor]7720 Dialog to save diagram's changes on closing the source database
  • [Fix][Diagram Editor]8420 Printing diagram as SVG on Mac OS produces unreadable files
  • [Fix][Schema Editor][SQL Server]8400 Schema won't display databases on some SQL server instances
  • [Fix][Schema Editor][MySQL]8411 Schema editor in tree mode does not show primary key values when multi-column PK (MySQL)

Valentina C++ ADK

  • [New]8425 vSQLiteBLOB class.

Valentina Client DLL

  • [New]8431 Crash on connection to a server without forwarded notification port.

Valentina Server

  • [New]8426 vSQLiteBLOB class

Valentina Xojo ADK

  • [New]8427 vSQLiteBLOB class, Example.

Release 8.7.2


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Report Editor] - Summary Controls (aggregate functions) are no longer limited to only Footer regions of reports but may also appear in Header regions
  • [Fix][SQL Editor]8433 Line Breaks being converted as '\n' [SQL Server]
  • [Fix][SQL Editor]8387 Export Result (blue circle white arrow) / Clipboard with Column Names
  • [Fix][SQL Editor]8437 Repair “Export Snippets”.