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Deploying of V4REV Windows Application

When you are ready to deploy your application on Windows, you have to decide how you want to include the vcomponents folder. There are two ways of deploying Windows solutions: the Single Folder Method or Centralized Storage.

Making Revolution Standalone Application

Go to “File → Standalone Application Settings…” and in the “General” tab you should select “Select inclusions for the standalone application” and in the list box “Script Libraries” select “Valentina4”:

If your application works with Valentina database over RevDB interface, then you also should enable a checkbox “Database Support” and select “Valentina4” in the listbox:

Standalone Application Package

With this method, everything is stored inside a single folder (“MyAppFolder”).

This way is the easiest and trouble free, because your user can install/uninstall your application as a single folder.

For this way you should make the following steps:

  • create and name the folder
  • copy your Revolution-based application into the folder
  • copy inside all files from the vcomponents folder but not the vcomponents folder itself.

You can distribute your application folder and your application will be able to locate all components when it initializes Valentina.

Note: On initialization, Valentina searches for the components needed to operate and looks first in the folder where the application is located for a vresources folder. If it finds it here, then Valentina assumes that all other items of vcomponents folder also are here.

vcomponents at System Level

With this method, Valentina is stored in a centralized way on a computer system. The vcomponents folder is located in the central place of OS where any application can find it. The Centralized Storage Method works exactly the same way Valentina is stored on a developer's computer.

You may consider this method if you are deploying several small applications that all use Valentina.

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