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Preferences Dialog - PostgreSQL Server Help

On this page you can set options for PostgreSQL Plugin.

Preferences Dialog - PostgreSQL

Dump Tools

The Valentina Studio uses the pg_dump utility to make a dump of PostgreSQL databases.

One version of pg_dump is distributed within the application installation.

But sometimes it is necessary to use the utility of certain version, for example, for older servers - to generate compatible SQL code.

Since the version 8.1 it is possible to use the pg_dump utilities of different versions, the target version can be defined in the dump wizard.

There are two ways to install additional versions of pg_dump to the Valentina Studio:

  • Download the version online.
  • Install the desired version manually into a local folder.

Download Online

Pre-built dump utilities are located at the GitHub repository.

To get the list of versions available online click Check Updates button.

Each version has an action button: * Download - to download the desired version. * Delete - to delete the previously downloaded package.

Install Locally

Click the Add Tools Folder… and register the path to the local folder containing dump utilities.

Click Delete to delete previously registered version.