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Preferences Dialog - Sync Help

On this page, you can change the syncing options of the Valentina Studio.

By default, the syncing is disabled.

The following syncing methods are available:

  • iCloud (macOS only)
  • Cloud Sync Folder

Data that can be synced between Valentina Studio instances:

  • Bookmarks
  • SQL Editor Snippets

Valentina Studio automatically detects changes in cloud storage and updates data.

iCloud Sync

Syncing using the iCloud storage API. This method is available on macOS only, both for applications installed from the Mac App Store and downloaded from the Paradigma Software website.

The user must be logged in into the iCloud account in the System Preferences in order to use this method.

Cloud Sync Folder

Using this method, the data will be saved into an existing folder managed by installed cloud storage application (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive).

After you switch to this option you're asked to select a cloud storage folder (e.g. /Users/username/Dropbox).

Valentina Studio saves data into Apps/Valentina Studio subfolder.