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Report Editor - Multipart Reports

[Valentina Studio Pro 9.5]

Multipart report (also referred to as a multi-page report or a report book) is a report consisting of multiple parts. Each report part of the multipart report has its own source query, regions, controls, page size, orientation and scripts.

Unlike subreports, all report parts are independent. They do not share data and there is no master-detail relation.

Multipart reports are useful if you need to combine data from different queries in a single report. Previously, it was also possible to do using the subreports with the independent property turned ON, but the multipart report provides a more straightforward way. Layouts for all report parts are kept in a single report, while with subreports, they are spread across multiple reports.

Each part is represented by a separate tab on the report parts tab bar.


After a new report has been created in the Report Editor, it contains one part by default:

In order to create the multipart report, it is necessary to add a new part:

  • Click โ€œ+โ€ button on the layout pages tab bar and input the name for a new part.

  • The query property is empty โ€“ select the source query in the Property Inspector.


Multipart report layout consisting of 2 parts:

You can preview your report within Valentina Studio using the Preview tab or after rendering within the Report Viewer.