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Schema Editor - Object Colors

[Valentina Studio Pro]

Schema Editor allows you to mark the object with the specific color. Selected color will be presented as the background of this item in the object lists and used to draw tabs where this object is opened.

This feature helps to accomplish such tasks:

  • To distinguish production and development databases and avoid accidental changes
  • To divide objects into groups
  • To highlight some important objects

Object color is inherited, so all child objects will be colorized with the same color if it was not overridden.

Colorizing can be turned on/off without need to reset colors. It is done in the Preferences: Application→Appearance→Show item colors

Color Menu Item

The context menu of the each object that supports colorizing has a special menu item to set the color:

It consists of three parts:

  • Clear button - clears the color. In the result, the item will have the color of the parent object.
  • Color buttons - set of 6 buttons with predefined colors
  • Custom color button - allows to set any color using the color dialog

The current color is highlighted.

The color can be set for all selected items at once.

Columns View

The columns view shows the chosen color as the background of the item in the list.

Tree View

The tree view shows the color as the background of the item in tree and list on the right.


Colorizing is also supported by the following tools:

  • Data Editor

  • SQL Editor

  • Query Editor