Reporting for Java

Reporting for Java

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Reporting for Java is a high value bundle of solutions for incorporating advanced reports capabilities into your LiveCode applications on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Got questions? See the product page and ask questions on the Valentina Reports forum.

Reporting for Java includes...

Valentina Reports ADK for Java (Windows | macOS | Linux)

Compile and deploy your application with a powerful reporting system that can work with all major databases, including MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina DB. Generate reports, labels and more.

Valentina Studio Pro (select OS version)

Valentina Studio Pro is more than a powerful database management platform. It also incorporates a visual Report Designer for building reports for use with Valentina Reports ADK for Java as well as Valentina Server. Report Designer supports a large selection of visual, programmatic objects.

Valentina Server /25 (select OS version)

A copy of Valentina Server is included in Reporting for Java at no additional cost.

The same Valentina Projects used with Valentina Reports ADK and Valentina Forms can be registered for multi-user access on Valentina Server. Valentina Server incorporates several solutions:

  • Valentina Reports Server. Serve reports direct from Valentina Server from all major databases, including MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and the included ValentinaDB Server.
  • Valentina DB Server. Valentina Server incorporates Paradigma Software's own advanced, object-relational database server.
  • Valentina SQLite Server. Valentina Server incorporates its own server solution for SQLite. Scale up your local SQLite solutions to a true, multi-connection server platform.
  • Valentina Forms Server. Valentina Forms can now be served off of Valentina Server and accessed from free Valentina Studio, Valentina Studio Pro or Valentina Studio Pro Universal.

The /25 means your copy of Valentina Server supports up to 25 simultaneous connections for Valentina Reports and Valentina DB. However it also supports an UNLIMITED number of SQLite connections.

Optional Add Ons with Reporting for Java

When you purchase Reporting for Java, you also have an option to get two other products:

Valentina DB ADK for Java (Windows | macOS | Linux)

This developer license allows you to incorporate a Valentina DB based database system right within your application, allowing you to take advantage of the flexible Valentina DB model and legendary query speed. This add-on includes all three platforms: Windows, Linux and macOS.

More information about Valentina DB ADK...

Valentina Developer Network OEM Server

This special, deployable server license lets you build and deploy complete client-server or server-side solutions that include the OEM version of Valentina Server /5.

More information about VDN...