Leverage knowledgeable Paradigma Software consulting engineers

Valentina engineers are available to implement your dream project, improve or upgrade your existing Valentina based application, or migrate from other databases to Valentina DB. Paradigma Software can refer you to third party consultants that do Valentina DB development and migration, or provide you with stellar, knowledgeable Paradigma Software engineers for your project. Such services can include:

  • Implement Complete Valentina DB Solutions
  • Application Upgrades for Valentina DB Solutions
  • Migration from Other Databases to Valentina DB
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Code review
  • Implementation
  • Upgrades
  • Migration

You know what you want. Valentina developers are available to implement your project on all major operating systems and platforms. Contact Paradigma Software for referrals to third party developers and consultants, or to get a quote on your next project from Paradigma Software developers.fake replica cartier watchesmens fake watchesrolex day date 41mm replica

Do you already have a Valentina DB-based project in need of an upgrade? Paradigma Software can help you with a wide variety of upgrade or update services:

  • Development Environment Porting - COM to .net? REALbasic to Cocoa? Add new front-end clients to existing solutions.
  • Turn Desktop Apps into Server Applications - Valentina DB projects are very scalable. Let us turn your local application to a true client-server solution.
  • Valentina Based Server Application - Web applications using PHP, Ruby on Rails, or other web implementations.
  • Platform-Based Improvements - Along with Valentina DB, we can implement full, graphical reporting capabilities in your applications and even non-database features.
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization - Squeeze every last bit of performance out of Valentina DB by having a Valentina engineer optimize your database architecture and stored procedures.

You have heard of the legendary performance of Valentina DB but your data is already locked up on another platform. Paradigma Software can move your data and your database logic over to Valentina DB.

  • MySQL to Valentina DB - Valentina DB makes this easy; Paradigma Software engineers can leave your structure in a traditional relational style or do a full translation to take advantage of advanced features
  • SQLite to Valentina DB - Public domain SQLite is an adaquate local database but was not originally developed for network performance. Paradigma Software can transform your solution for performance, scalability.
  • Open Source to OLAP Analytics - Many developers choose an open source or free solution because the perceived cost is low. Performing business analytics with most open source databases show how poorly optimized they are.
  • FileMaker to Valentina DB - Filemaker is a favorite among the very small portion of the SMB marketplace, especially on the Mac OS. Have your application rebuilt for cross-platform deployment on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows and dramatically improve performance.
  • Big Iron DBs to Valentina DB - Yes, we can even do MS SQL Server or Oracle to Valentina DB. Already, some Valentina DB customers use Valentina DB with the big iron databases; allowing data to be dumped to Valentina DB for custom, high performance analytical applications.