Valentina Studio Features In Depth

Valentina Studio Pro allows you to save database schema in structured format using the Schema Snapshot tool.

Unlike the SQL Dump, a Schema Snapshot allows to granulate the schema representation. This will be helpful to tracking changes or using a part of schema. Moreover this is a best way to store the database structure in the version control system like Git, SVN or whatever you like.

Schema Snapshot is supported by all supported data sources at this time within Valentina Studio except for ODBC.

Schema Snapshot Steps

Script Folder

The Script Folder is the most popular approach to store the database schema for versioning purposes. Each database object is stored in the separate file inside the particular folder according to the object type. You can see all database structures within the file explorer.

Schema Snapshot

Currently the only one method is available – the Script Folder. In the future the XML and Binary formats can be supported, according to the user's requirements.

Not Available