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  3. Sunday, March 27 2016, 03:43 PM
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Hi Valentina Developers,

We have upload urgent 6.4.1 fix build,
It fixes 2 troubles of 6.4

  • PostgreSQL Dumps could crash after we upgrade to newest their dump library.
  • New Report Control 'Table' was not enabled in the Release build.

AND this 6.4.1 build adds NEW feature for SQL DIFF:

* working with non-Valentina DBs you can now specify in special dialog which objects was renamed. So SQL DIFF can produce more accurate scripts.

AND for Xojo

* [New] VConnection class: SqliteDatabaseCount as Integer
* [New] VConnection class: SqliteDatabaseName( inIndex as integer ) as String

See details in Release Notes 6.4.x
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