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  3. Friday, May 06 2016, 09:07 AM
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Valentina Reports

* [New] 7641 Add 'can_split' flag to allow the splitting of the region on the page breaks.
* [New] 7642 Add 'split_type' property for controls to allow start/stop splitting on the page breaks.

* [Wiki] Each control's wiki page updated to have description of these new properties.
* Note, that Report engine is included into Valentina Studio, Server and ADKs.

Valentina Studio

* Fix of bug introduced in 5.6.2 for PostgreSQL connection. Sorry.

* [New] 7644 Report Editor: Profiling option to show the reason for a region splitting. Prints the name of a control(controls), which doesn't fit at the end of the page and causes the region splitting.
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