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  3. Thursday, July 28 2016, 04:04 PM
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I just downloaded the free version of Valentina Studio. I'm taking a programming course and trying to find a good mySql manager to help with my homework. I am on Windows 7. I've checked the Valentina documentation and cannot find something addressing my question.

I created a database, burgers_db, using the mySql command line and added a small table, burgers. I went to Valentina to open that database, navigated to the data location (C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\Data\burgers_db\) and looked for a .db, .vdb, or .sqlite extension file, the three file extensions Valentina is expecting. There are none. There are three files in the burgers_db directory:


so obviously these are referring to the table I made (burgers) and not the full database. After searching my computer, I can find no burgers_db.db, burgers_db.sqlite.

I have a few questions I hope this forum might be able to answer:
Does Valentina use/operate on mySql files? It seemed from the website that it did but I'm now questioning this because the Valentina installation only has two tabe, Valentina database and Sqlite database.

If so then how can I open the database, burgers_db, that I just created? If the location of the db is incorrect then how can I find this? I've looked at the my.ini file for mySql and the only data dir location is the one I referenced above.
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Rene Landscheidt Accepted Answer

you have to use a "Connection" to Connect to mySQL and don't use the "DB"-File's directly.

1. (Add Bookmark) or File -> Connect to
2. Select MySQL in the Connection Dialog.
3. Enter Hostname (or IP) Example: localhost or (Field: Host)
4. Enter DB Name (for Example: burgers) (Field: Database)
5. Enter Username (Example: root) (Field: User)
6. Enter Passwort (Eample PW: meinPW1234) (Field: Passwort)
7. Klick on Test Connection (Check if Ok.)
8. Klick on (OK for Bookmark) or "Connnect" for File -> Connect to

You are now connected to your DB and can work with the DB and it's tables.
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