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  3. Friday, August 26 2016, 08:20 PM
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(26 Aug 2016)

Valentina Kernel

[Imp][Lin] There was problem if app linked to VKERNEL.so and VCLIENT.so, and user did Valentina_InitClient() only, but Strings work as kernel's ICU strings.

Valentina Studio

[Fix] 7736 Inaccuracies with collations.
[Fix] 7737 Unable to open a temporary (or RAM) table in the Data Editor.
[Fix] 7739 VStudio replaces Preference Setting - instead of the “Show Methods” performs “Show OID”.
[Imp][Diagrams] Fix to show editors area if it was hidden with splitter.
[Imp][Diagrams] Added 'Close Others' menu item for editor tab.
[Imp][VStudio] Added help menu item to get info about PRO features.

Valentina Client

[Fix] 7743 Issues if dump location passed to LoadDump doesn't exist.
[Fix] 7745 Issue with VC_String. Problem was found via VSDK Example Class_BinaryLink in client-server mode.

Valentina CPP ADK

[Fix] 7746 auto_ptr replaced to unique_ptr, when compiled with cpp11.
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