1. Scott
  2. Valentina Studio
  3. Friday, May 19 2017, 08:21 PM
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I just had to take a minute and express my thanks to the developer team. A few weeks ago I asked if it would be possible to change page orientation on the fly in my reports and I was amazed they listened to my request and in no time at all the released support for the "independent" feature on subreports.

I can report it works amazingly well. And very easily I must add.

This has saved me countless hours in development having to construct two (or three) different reports, print separately, and then use third party tools to combine them after the fact.

We develop very complete and lengthy financial reports for our clients and this feature, along with all the new SQL & JS pre/post scripts now in VStudio has made life easier for us, and has impressed the hell out of a few of our largest clients, which never sucks!

Still learning how to use the JS feature, but I am confident the dev team will answer my questions that arise.

Again, thanks! Keep up the good work.

(steps off soap box..)
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