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  3. Tuesday, June 16 2015, 08:53 PM
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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b15' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

FAQ about bug reporting
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
Raw List of comments into Valentina GIT between b14 and b15. Latest commits are on top.

1 cosmetic comments.
2 Postgres: corrected pg_dump to avoid error in console about not found executable, updated 32 bit ...
3 [VSTUDIO] updated netbeans project: added files
4 [VSTUDIO] updated visual project: added files
5 [VSTUDIO] corrections for dialog Create Function: UI refactoring, added support for comment
6 [APPLICATION] fixed assert in ObjectEditorDialog
7 [APPLICATION] Load Dump Wizard: UI corrections
8 [MYSQL] Corrections for dialog Create Database, added tests
9 V4RB - vSQLite - new method - IsConnected() (similar to CubeSQL)
10 ReportEditor: corrected saving/reading datasources
11 MySQL: fixed connecting to a default database
12 Postgres: fixed connecting to a default database, fix to show alive server, if no "postgres" db i...
13 [LT] TreeItem Menu: sort list of child items in the submenu Create
14 V4RB - vSQLite - new methods LastRowID() and Backup()
15 MySQL: fix to use selected database in connect param widget
16 V4RB - vSQLite - new bind methods (similat to CubeSQL)
17 V4RB - vSQLite - SqlSelect and SqlExecute takes array of variants as binding values.
18 Postgres: updated client and dump libraries to 9.4.1, fixed dumping comments and security labels
19 V4RB - vSQLite - new methods BindType() and Bind() as Xojo do for own sqlite db driver.
20 [VSTUDIO] updated netbeans project: removed files from MS Plugin
21 [VSTUDIO] fixed build on win
22 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Function: UI refactoring
23 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Property: removed dialog from plugin. Now used dialog from LT
24 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Database: UI corrections
25 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Synonym: UI refactoring, added tests
26 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Sequence: usin common dialog from LT, UI refactoring, restored tests
27 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Schema: UI refactoring, added tests
28 visual - vstudio installer now use _mt libs.
29 updated path to codesign ADK archives on mac
30 Fresh priv lib
31 Fix compilation error + test for crash on "SHOW VKEYWORDS"
32 [MSSQL] Dialog Create DDL Trigger: UI refactoring, added tests
33 [MSSQL] Corrections for dialog Create Assembly
34 V4RB - now CreateDatabaseFile() can create DB on VServer SQLite. TODO same for RBDB of Valentina.
35 V4RB - now CreateDatabaseFile() can create DB on VServer SQLite. TODO same for RBDB of Valentina.
36 V4RB - prepare to add BindType/Bind methods as have Xojo in PreparedSQLStatement class.
37 VStudio: remove unnecessary files from Qt frameworks, which prevented an app to be properly signed
38 corrected crash logs dialog UI
39 V4RB - comment, comments around RBDB for Valentina and new SQLite
40 updated netbeans project
41 fixed build on win
42 updated visual project
43 updated Xcode project, fixed build
44 fixed spacing between columns in spacing browser
45 use Escape button to hide recents and search panel
46 small changes
47 UI cosmetic
48 update icon
49 UI cosmetic
50 [SERVER ADMIN] corrections for connecting to binjour or bookmark without password
51 add class to show buttons for group of actions, use it in Schema Editor
52 remove duplicated icons, rename icons and constants
53 update icons
54 7120: SHOW PROPERTIES OF DATABASE returns garbage for a new database
55 fixed one minor test in V4RB_Test project. All DONE.
56 [LT] Dialogs: corrections for dialog Create Property
57 [VALENTINA] Database (local): corrected action "Show On Disc"
58 [VALENTINA] Tests: corrected and added tests for dialog Create Database
59 Fix locking issue in VC_COnnection::Close() which was a reason for strange crashes of vStudio.
60 don't use styled text for comments
61 update project
62 fixed build on mac
63 UI cosmetic
64 UI cosmetic
65 UI cosmetic
66 clean code
67 clean code
68 small fix
69 keep old results' tabs on press shift + execute button
70 log number of affected and cursor's records in SQL Editor
71 highlight search string in recents
72 fix flickering on type in filter field for recent queries in SQL Editor
73 LT: fixed visual artifacts in create function dialog
74 [VALENTINA] Dialogs: corrections for dialog Create Database
75 [VALENTINA] Tests: added test for dialog Create Database
76 DataEditor: restored showing a filter tooltip
77 search prev/next on press enter in search field
78 DataEditor: simplified storing table layout, fixed crash
79 don't store iterator (that's too dangerous), use index instead
80 clean code
81 [VSTUDIO] fixed build
82 [VALENTINA] corrections for dialog Create Database
83 add checks
84 add check
85 fix show localizations, clean code
86 remove useless convertions to/from QString
87 clean code
88 updated visual projects
89 DataEditor: fixed open on win, replaced pointers to instances and references
90 remove unused icon
91 fix live error checking
92 [VALENTINA] Tests: prepared tests to create database via daialog (local)
93 [VALENTINA] Tests: added test to create database via daialog
94 [VALENTINA] Corrections for dialogs
95 changes for SQL Editor
96 enable multiple sections/insert/paste with scintilla
97 fixed build on OS X
98 updated visual projects - link to MT vcomponents
99 changes for SQL Editor
100 [VSTUDIO] corrections for saving tast result
101 fixed build on win
102 [VSTUDIO] ability to skip tests in auto testing
103 [SQLDIFF] corrections
104 SQLite: fixed test
105 [VSTUDIO] fixed build
106 [SQLDIFF] fixed test for SQLite
107 [SQLDIFF] small correction for sqlite
108 [SQLDIFF] corrections for links
109 Fix linux kernel_test project
110 UI cosmetic
111 Fix visual projects
112 Sql MERGE - fixes, improvements, few tests
113 update icons
114 update icons
115 changes for SQL Editor
116 Added BENCH of MERGE ... UPDATE
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
This build have the following important fixes

* NEW MERGE command
* mac archives now again are signed fine
* V4RB improved for SQLite Server
* VStudio win must be more stable
* fixes in DUMP for mySQL and postgre
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