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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b18' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
Raw List of commits between b15 and b18 builds ... In reverse order. (Newest on top)

1 win - new V4REV target added into compileAll script for Jeknins
2 updated post build visual script - copy Resources subdirectories (licenses/data/scintilla color s...
3 V4RB - attempt to fix for lin build
4 fixed build on mac
5 win vserver installer corrected. files did go into wrong build folder. ops.
6 V4RB fix in their SDK: nil replaced to NULL
7 fixed debug build on Windows
8 LT: use QJsonDocument::fromJson to read default color scheme - fromBinaryData creates NULL docume...
9 edit valentina's field and method type using menu
10 add flag kPropCustomEditorMenu to show property as dropdown list with custom editor
11 update palette of editors on change selection in list editor, fix update selection on click sub w...
12 workaround to select QMenu item under mouse after call exec() method
13 7148: Add property to output of SHOW PROPERTIES OF TYPE
14 win - compile_all changed order, MT now first, because vstudio need that dlls
15 win roll back
16 [VSTUDIO] the neteans project was updated
17 [VSTUDIO] the visual project was updated
18 [Tests] small cosmetic changes
19 [APPLICATION] using structure instead of macro
20 [VALENTINA] Tests: small cosmetic changes
21 [APPLICATION] Tests: tests for dialog "Create Sequence" was moved from plugins to application
22 [APPLICATION] Tests (FIXED 3): tests for adding enum value and localization was fixed
23 [APPLICATION] the class vsTypeEditorDialog was removed
24 [APPLICATION] Tests: tests for dialog "Create Type" was moved from plugins to application
25 [APPLICATION] Tests: tests for dialog "Create View" was moved from plugins to application
26 add function to select value from list using popup menu
27 rename method to use similar names
28 win - fix - vstudio project now depends also on vkernel, vreport, vclient, to force MT dlls built...
29 UI cosmetic
30 V4RB - VSQLite - EOF / BOF tests now works for Xojo SQLite DB and for our classes in the same way.
31 V4RB - FIX main file of new SDK, to export method without export.txt file.
32 use QTextEdit to edit comments
33 replace action DO_EDIT_PROPERTY to method, clean code
34 ServerAdmin: don't show login parameters dialog for file based connections
35 V4RB - draft of new BOF/EOF methods from new SDK.
36 new RB SDK have deprecate getProperty method. Removed.
37 RB SDK updated up to latest (Xojo 2014 r2).
38 add position parameter (unused for now) to ShowEditor method, to allow show popup windows
39 SQLite: corrections to connect using bonjour
40 hide error notification on press escape
41 corrected icon
42 added SVG icons
43 ReportEditor: add tooltips
44 V4REV vSQLite-revDb - guards, minor fixes.
45 ReportEditor: use more suitable icons for ribbon widget collapse/expand
46 ReportEditor: set the same height for both layout and preview ribbons
47 fixed build on mac
48 small changes
49 small fixes
50 Try to find field by short name.
51 show tips for autocompletion menu
52 fix build on linux
53 small changes
54 small fix
55 allow to use LButtonGroup with single action
56 ReportEditor: UI corrections for Windows, removed hardcoded colors
57 [APPLICATION] the visual project was updated
58 [APPLICATION] Tests (NEW 18): tests for dialog "Create Table" was adapted for plugin MSSQL.
59 [APPLICATION] Tests (NEW 16): tests for dialog "Create Table" was adapted for plugin Postgre. T
60 [APPLICATION] Tests (NEW 19): adapted tests for dialog "Create Table" for plugin Postgre. T
61 [APPLICATION]: small fix for SO
62 [APLLICATION] fixed mis click on deleting class vsTableEditorDialog
63 [APPLICATION] Tests: adapted tests for dialog "Create Table" for plugin SQLite. TODO: fix crash o...
64 [APLLICATION] class vsTableEditorDialog was removed
65 [APPLICATION] Tests: use existing tests for dialog Create Table for all plugins. TODO: adapt test...
66 [APPLICATION] Tests: 1) Old methods removed. 2) General test files renamed
67 [APPLICATION] Tests: 1) Old methods removed. 2) General test files renamed
68 [APPLICATION] Tests: tests for dialog "Create Table" was moved from plugin into the application. ...
69 [VALENTINA] Dialog Create Table: avoid assertion
70 V4RB tests: cursor.ColumnType() added. 94 tests DONE.
71 FIXED SqliteCursor_imp::GetSqliteAffinityTypeByName() -- low case before compare
72 cosmetic
73 small fix
74 add setting to enable/disable wrapping to preferences, clean code
75 small fix
76 update icons
77 add settings to use tabs and tab/indent width
78 add setting to enable/disable bold keywords, UI cosmetic
79 fix scintilla qt wrapper bug - restore mouse tracking on hide/show
80 remove selections on click at hotspot
81 V4RB - test - 64 DONE. FIX in Database.SqlSelect() method - must buld Client-Side cursor to allo...
82 V4RB - test project - 44 new tests done. First tests of RecordSet added.
83 corrected formatting
84 VStudio: draw main window tab title centered on Windows
85 [VSTUDIO] fix for win
86 use hotspot scintilla feature
87 cosmetic
88 add new file to vrev package
89 remove temporary file
90 UI cosmetic
91 add dependency to V4REV_VSQLITE_REVDB on build V4REV project
92 vServer REST - replace all potentionally long mg_print with mg_write (to avoid buffer truncation ...
93 UI cosmetic
94 small fix
95 cosmetic
96 update sql lexer to fix scintilla folding on missing '\n' at end of text
97 UI cosmetic
98 UI cosmetic
99 highlight current block (margin) in scintilla
100 V4RB - tests - 34 done
101 ReportEditor: use simpler way to avoid crash on close editor
102 ReportEditor: fixed build on mac
103 ReportEditor: removed asserts in methods, which are used by Qt for model check
104 ReportEditor: fixed crash on close editor on windows
105 V4RB - tests lite - improved close(), 30 new tests DONE.
106 V4RB - tests - fixes in catch block. 18 new tests done.
107 win - V4REV - installer adds new dlls for sqlite server. dbvalentina5.dll renamed to dbvalentina.dll
108 update icon
109 add check
110 clean code, remove unused icon
111 use icon from style
112 remove unused icon
113 small changes
114 UI cosmetic
115 use grouped buttons to show/hide recents in SQL Editor
116 small fixes
117 add setting to change result tabs mode in SQL Editor
118 fix update mode for "Crash Reports" setting
119 allow to use integers to store QComboBox state (via settings_entry) on use integer default value
120 Add "Show indentation guides" setting
121 fix use "Show whitespace" setting
122 updated visual project
123 add color schemes
124 fix use "Highlight current line" setting
125 add color scheme preview into preferences
126 add method to get scintilla editor best size
127 add color schemes
128 ReportEditor: 1) use QTabWidget for controls and fields panel 2) use custom stylesheet for tabs o...
129 V4RB: improve VSQLiteDatabase.Close() method to set db NULL after close.
130 [VSTUDIO] the xcode project was updated
131 [VALENTINA] Dialog Create Table: modified tests for createing table child. Corrections.
132 [VALENTINA] Dialog Create Table: tests for changing table properties
133 [VALENTINA] Dialog Create Table: tests for creating child table with child objects
134 [APPLICATION] vsDiagramEditorTable: added editor for property FIELDS of unique and index
135 [VALENTINA] Dialog Create Table: prepared tests to create child object
136 [VALENTIAN] Dialog Create Table: corrections, tests added
137 [APPLICATION] vsDiagramEditorTable: small corrections
138 [VALENTINA] Dialog Create Database: UI corrections
139 move color schemes to files, use JSON instead of XML
140 added SVG icons
141 clean code for scintilla color styles
142 V4RB - FIX in get Value from cursor for Lite.
143 V4RB - tests and improved code of connect()
144 V4RB - new example for RBDB, this is modified example from Xojo itself. Works with Valentina SQLi...
145 V4REV - notifications linux project
146 V4REV - notifications visual project
147 UI cosmetic
148 V4RB: Test Project +11 tests done.
149 V4RB: VSQLiteDatabase.Drop() method added
150 more comments
151 add method LIndex::get_Fields
152 V4REV - notifications + example
153 small fix
154 align info to the right for tables' tips, add helper functions
155 comments added.
156 V4RB: +9 tests done.
157 V4RB - Test project - First tests for SQLite. => Close() method added into VSqliteDatabase class.
158 fix build
159 clean code
160 small fixes, clean code
161 UI cosmetic
162 vServer REST - more mg_write() instead of mg_print() (mg_print uses internal fixed-size buffer an...
163 vServer - REST - mg_write() instead of mg_print() to avoid truncation data
164 vServer REST - using recursive mutex because mongoose may call rest_callback( MG_EVENT_LOG ) on o...
165 V4RB - sqlitedb + IsOpen property added
166 [IXM] fixed build on mac
167 changes for SQL Editor
168 clean code
169 FIX V4RB getColumnName. For SQLite interfaces indexes count from ZERO.
170 V4RB - VSQLite example - comments a little.
171 Valentina: register/unregister db and project correction, clean code
172 Valentina: restored base icon to use for unregistered/missing project
173 ImportWizard: get number of imported records from task, because it can be zeroed in case of a tra...
174 ImportWizard: restored dialog on error in CSV
175 [MSSQL] Tests: tests for call dialod Create (Design) View was added
176 [MYSQL] Tests: tests for call dialod Create (Design) View was added
177 [LT] DB Objects: ability to process external properties outside the object itself, for example in...
178 [SQLITE] Tests: tests for call dialod Create (Design) View was added
179 [POSTGRE] Tests: tests for call dialod Create (Design) View was added
180 [POSTGRE] Tests: tests for dialog Design Type was added
181 [VALENTINA] Tests: tests for dialog Design Type was added
182 [VALENTINA] Tests: tests for call dialod Create (Design) View was added
183 [APPLICATION] Editor View: small corrections
184 SQLite: allowed to bind NULL values
185 7142: Fields in CSV file which are empty block import to Postgresql server
186 bench - vdb use values now.
187 sqlite bench works now.
188 vSQLite - sqliteDatabase::get_IsOpen() stub/proxy
189 vSQLite - sqliteDatabase::get_IsOpen() prepare
190 Notifications - "delete channel" if no subscribers there anymore.
191 first draft to try use our own C++ API for SQLite in our benches.
192 [VALENTINA] Dialog Design Type - corrections for localizations
193 [VALENTINA] Dialog Design Type - corrections for localizations
194 [VALENTINA] Type - corrections for adding/editing values, localizations, properties
195 [VALENTINA] Model: Type - corrections for editing property Kind
196 V4RB sources - small cosmetic
197 vKernel_test - minor RB-journal tests fix
198 7140: Query to create type with empty values and localizations returns error but creates the object
199 Valetnina: fixed build on win
200 QTK: fixed build on win
201 updated visual project
202 DataEditor: fixed crash on row number input
203 fixed build on mac
204 changes for SQL Editor
205 UI cosmetic
206 add menu item to show/hide property inspector
207 show field's type in list for table editor
208 fix flickering
209 add action to hide/show property inspector
210 VReport: format tests, replaced TEST_CHECK to TEST_EQ
211 fixed assert
212 [POSTGRE] Tests: tests for dialog Create Type
213 [APPLICATION] Type Editor: support properties
214 [VALENTINA] Tests: attempt to create test to add enum value to the dialog. But this task is not s...
215 [APPLICATION] vsDiagramEditorType: support localization values
216 [LT] LModelListEditor: corrections for sorting items
217 [VALENTINA] Tests: tests for dialog Create Type
218 [VALENTINA] Type: the model was corrected to support the enum kind properly.
219 [VALENTINA] Tests: test for dialog Create Type
220 [VALENTINA] Type: initialization of enum values was fixed.
221 [VALENTINA] Tests: test for dialog Create Type
222 [APPLICATION] Type Editor: support Comment
223 V4REV - vSQLite revdb driver - linux project
224 V4REV - vSQLite revdb driver - visual project
225 V4REV - revdb drivers - properly init gV4REV_KernelIsInited var.
226 VReport: fixed 3 tests
227 VReport: fixed test
228 VReport: format tests, replaced TEST_CHECK to TEST_EQ in a few files to have more informative err...
229 VReport: fixed tests, 9 fails
230 VReport: use the same way to read files for different modes of HTML control
231 VReport: checked/fixed tests. 885 passed, 11 failed
232 [MSSQL] Tests: Fixed one test
233 script - added params of MS SQL Server 2014, to be used in VStudio tests.
234 [MSSQL] Connect Dialog: corrections
235 [APPLICATON] Dialog Create Type: tests was prepared
236 [APPLICATON] Dialog Create Type: old code was removed
237 [APPLICATON] Dialog Create Type: restored tab "SQL Preview"
238 [APPLICATION] small format code
239 [MSSQL] Server Admin: show base proeprties
240 [VSTUDIO] Tests: log the tests params to the application output
241 [VSTUDIO] The XCode project was updated: few missed headers was removed from LT.
242 VReport: fixed empty test report data
243 [MSSQL] Tests: one test was fixed (all tests for MSSQL are passed)
244 V4REV - vSQLite revdb driver + tests
245 [POSTGRE] Tests: few tests was fixed
246 VReport: fixed test
247 [SQLDIFF] Tests: skip test. TODO: support mapping of renamed objects
248 [VREPORT] Tests: corrections to specify the test fail more accuracy
249 script - mysql params added
250 [VREPORT] Tests: corrections to specify the test fail more accuracy
251 vServer - fix displaying sqlite version in the log
252 LT: fix to add idents of db children from lists, not lists itself
253 vsUpdateChecker: updated/fixed tests
254 fix script - for db servers with default connection params.
255 fix mac script -- sqlite params added
256 [SQLDIFF] tests: prevent assertion
257 [SQLITE] Tests: one test was fixed
258 7129: Valentina can connect to datasource with empty name
259 mac - vs_test script, remove all dbs, projects, logs in VServer Debug, to get clean run of tests.
260 [VALENTINA] Tests: one test corrected to support custom connections
261 fix in script
262 fix in script
263 mac, script -- removed all parameter, command lines params of vserver added to vstudio start.
264 MySQL,Postgres: fix show system databases
265 xcode - script improved arounf vserver kill.
266 xcode - script improved arounf vserver kill.
267 [VREPORT] Tests: Ability to pass the connection parameters from LT to the VReport. The approach s...
268 [VSTUDIO] Auto Tests: now we can add connection params for particular test engine. Format: +__eng...
269 [MSSQL] corrections for generating query for column definition
270 xcode - scripts of vstudio improved to run vs in seprate env, to allow to kill test vserver even ...
271 ReportEditor: fixed showing wrong paper format category checkbox state
272 MySQL: corrected queries to run on MySQL 5.7 with ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY option enabled
273 [VALENTINA] Tests: one test was fixed
274 [SQLDIFF] correctios for valentina
275 [SQLDIFF] Tests: few tests was fixed for running on local engine
276 [SQLDIFF] Tests: run tests for valentina using local RAM databases
277 VReport: TEMPORARY - corrected VServer port for testing on Jenkins
278 [SQLITE] Tests: skip test for sqlite
279 [SQLITE] corrections fot updating the field property UNIQUE
280 [LT] TestSuite: UI corrections
281 [SQLITE] Tests: corrections for auto tests
282 into release only script added protection.
283 cosmetic in scripts
284 Postgres: fixed test
285 fix in script
286 vKernel SQL MERGE - fixes + more tests
287 fix in script
288 LT: ignore expected asserts in tests
289 LT: ignore expected asserts in tests
290 LT: ignore expected asserts in tests
291 LT: updated and fixed test
292 LT: updated and fixed test - test class names duplication, misplaced object names
293 tree parser v2 - fix for merge.
294 fix in script
295 fix in script
296 Valentina, SQLite: TEMPORARY - change default port for test on Jenkins
297 PREPARE - INI file with ports Valentina:17452/17454, SQLite: 17532/17534
298 LT: corrections for tests, skip not ready test
299 mac - DRAFT of script for tests of vstudio. To be tested.
300 [SQLITE] few tests was fixed in auto mode
301 try fix
302 LT: fixed tests, clean code. 21 fails
303 mac - vstudio - new script file for auto-tests.
304 [SQLITE] Tests: corrections
305 LT: fixed tests [397/420]
306 LT: tests fixes
307 LT: tests fixes
308 [QUERY EDITOR] Corrections for auto tests
309 [VREPORT] Tests: small fix
310 [VREPORT] Tests: format code
311 [VREPORT] Tests: corrections for tests for datasources
312 corrections for tests, use LPointer to watch object state, instead of global variable
313 vServer - fix for null ptr as arg for PutArrayOfStringsObj function
314 V4RB - vNotifications - new methods - Channelds() and SubscribedChannels() + example
315 V4RB - vNotifications - one more example (using timer)
316 corrrections for LT tests
317 xcode - FIX vs_plugin_sqlite project. It links on vkernel.dll, but there was no dependency on VKE...
318 LT: fixed test [373/420]
319 fixed LTask tests
320 [SQLITE] Tests: flag skip was added to some tests
321 [SQLITE] Tests: two tests was excluded according to SQLite abilities
322 [SQLITE] Tests: Few asserts was disabled for fields from View's cursor
323 [SQLITE] Tests: one test was fixed
324 [SQLITE] tests for vsDescUnique was fixed
325 DataEditor: fixed update on schema switch
326 [APPLICATION] Auto tests: small corrections for skipped tests
327 [SQLDIFF] tests: turn off printing the diff script
328 [APPLICATION] Dialog Table Editor: light cosmetic changes
329 [SQLITE] Dialog Create Database: added tests
330 [SQLITE] Dialog Create Database: added tests for client db
331 [SQLITE] Dialog Create Database: added tests for client db
332 [SQLITE] Dialog Create Database: UI corrections, added / corrected tests
333 [SQLITE] Dialog Create Database: UI corrections, prepared tests
334 [POSTGRE] Dialog Create Function: UI corrections, support comments, added test
335 DataEditor: corrected UI for Win
336 V4RB - vNotification example - fix "sudden client disconnection"
337 V4RB - vNotifications fix errors for visual
338 add include to fix build kernel_test with clang on linux
339 use clang to fix build kernel_test on linux
340 V4RB - vNotifications linux project
341 V4RB - vNotifications visual project
342 V4RB - vNotifications + example
343 Postgres: updated pg_dump on linux
344 Postgres: updated pg_dump on win
345 [POSTGRE] Dialog Create Sequence: restored tests, corrections for model
346 [POSTGRE] Dialog Create Database: corrections, added tests
347 [VALENTINA] Tests: restored tests for Create Sequence dialog
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