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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b20' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

FAQ about bug reporting
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
Raw list of commits into Valentina GIT between b18 and b20

1 cosmetic
2 UI cosmetic
3 fixes for diagnose dialog
4 UI cosmetic
5 remove useless action for tables
6 update icon
7 add svg icon
8 reserve some space from left on auto scroll columns (to have ability move a first column just usi...
9 optimization
10 remove TEST_CHECK( 0 )
11 fix assign correct values (string) to comment properties
12 add asserts
13 turned off native search field on OS X - it creates invisible inactive areas
14 [VALENTINA] Server Admin: UI corrections
15 [VALENTINA] Server Admin (Local): corretions for colorizing logs grid
16 cosmetic
17 fix assert, add check
18 add files with tests to project
19 [APPLICATION] revert changes for vsModelObjectEditorDialog
20 remove unused icon
21 add svg icons
22 [LT] Server Admin (Logs): don't do any steps to update UI if no new data to show
23 [VALENTINA] Server Admin (Local): format code
24 [VALENTINA] Server Admin (Local): ability to store runtime plroperties
25 [VALENTINA] Server Admin (Local): UI corrections
26 win installer uses QT 5.5 now
27 vStudio - some english grammar fixes in messages.
28 vKernel_test linker error fix
29 V4RB - SQLite - CreateDatabaseFileExt() renamed to CreateDatabaseFileEx() -- more short, sounds...
30 V4RB - SQlite RBDB examples correcte in regard of CreateDatabaseFile() to CreateDatabaseFileExt()
31 LinkEditor: fixed broken layout for foreign key link, when dialog is resized to minimum
32 vKernel - remove "isAdmin" requirement for DROP DATABASE sql statement (since API's db.ThrowOut()...
33 vSQLite - minor fix in comments
34 V4RB - CreateDatabaseFile() now works 100% same as RBDB, and only for LOCAL dbs. CreateDatabaseFi...
35 UI cosmetic
36 Add 'Text' property to queries
37 fixed folder name in visual project
38 set bigger font on windows - a default font is very small
39 optimization
40 small fix
41 use more native header arrows on OS X
42 [MSSQL] show single_user icon for closed database
43 [MSSQL] ability to show/hide system databases
44 QTK: use the same base values for spacing_default and spacing_half
45 SQLite: fixed field type editing in Create Table dialog
46 [QTK] Dialog Save Cahnges: the dialog to asking save document changes as added. Can returns 3 sta...
47 [QUERY EDITOR] corrected messages for dialog to save changes
48 [ODBC] the comment was added
49 UI cosmetic
50 make label with error selectable
51 show error text on open bookmark with non-empty password
52 don't show second dialog on change text property and press enter
53 [APPLICATION] UI corrections for bonjour: remove focus from Cancel
54 small fix
55 [MYSQL] Connect Dialog: use class members instead of pointers. UI corrections.
56 [MSSQL] Connect Dialog: using the runtime database choice was restored
57 [ODBC] Connect Dialog: use class members instead of pointers
58 [POSTGRE] Connect Dialog: use class members instead of pointers. UI corrections.
59 UI cosmetic
60 Use home directory as default location to save files
61 fix export query logs to CSV
62 fix show time in Query Logs (show 0.5 not 0,4999999)
63 show error text from QFile on unable to save logs
64 Valentina: 1) generate localization properties only for 'own' values 2) fixed double generation o...
65 Valentina: 1) generate localization properties only for 'own' properties 2) fixed double generati...
66 [APPLICATION] Connect Dialog: UI corrections for Valentina and SQLite
67 [ODBC] corrections for creating and showing connection
68 fixed serial request, debug code was left by mistake. Removed pixel constants
69 fixed mistake in Register Wizard to show passwords hidden
70 removed unused includes
71 CreateFunction: use QTextEdit for comments
72 expand tabs of function dialog on resize
73 [VSTUDIO] corrections for netbeans project
74 SQLite: use new SqlQuery method (need to update a server)
75 UI cosmetic
76 small fix
77 UI cosmetic
78 UI cosmetic
79 add icon
80 update icon
81 remove unused icon
82 remove unused icon
83 remove unused icon
84 remove unused icon
85 remove unused icon
86 add svg icon
87 use icon from style
88 add svg icon
89 remove unused icon
90 remove unused icons, use system 'help' icon
91 various changes
92 update icons
93 LinkEditor: fixed spacing
94 fixed tests
95 ViewEditor: fix to hide white area
96 fixed tests
97 TypeEditor: fix to hide white area
98 SequenceEditor: fix to hide white area
99 LinkEditor: 1) fixed broken form layout 2) fix to hide white area
100 update icons
101 update icons
102 V4RB - implemented Prepare and SQLitePreparedStatement in 100% compatible way to Xojo classes.
103 UI cosmetic
104 UI cosmetic
105 [VSTUDIO] corrections for visual
106 [SQLITE] Connect Dialog: renamed files and classes
107 [VALENTINA] Connect Dialog: renamed files and classes
108 [SQLITE] Connection Dialog: use class members instead of pointers for widgets
109 [APPLICATION] Connection Dialog: UI corrections for Valentina and SQLite
110 [VALENTINA] Connection Dialog: use class members instead of pointers for widgets
111 [APPLICATION] Connect Dialog: UI corrections. Connecting via ssh+private_key+pass_phrase was fixed
112 [SQLITE] Connect Dialog (Local): small corrections
113 [VALENTINA] 0007155: Issues for encrypted databases
114 [VALENTINA] Database: corrections for initializing encryption properties
115 [APPLICATION] Connect Dialog (VLocal): UI corrections
116 UI cosmetic
117 UI cosmetic
118 UI cosmetic
119 workaround for incorrect minimum width of Create Dialogs. Can't update width on change of tab tex...
120 UI cosmetic
121 vServer - vSQLite - "-journal", "-wal", "shm" suffixes in db name is not allowed.
122 UI cosmetic
123 small fix
124 UI cosmetic
125 vServer - vSqlite fix for turn on WAL journal mode after db create/open + test.
126 removed test code
127 TableEditor: add comment text edit into additional widget - without it it is visible (on MAC) on ...
128 vServer - vSqlite turn on WAL journal mode after db create/open.
129 updated visual project
130 update project
131 fix build
132 UI cosmetic
133 UI cosmetic
134 UI cosmetic
135 UI cosmetic
136 UI cosmetic
137 UI cosmetic
138 UI cosmetic
139 UI cosmetic
140 UI cosmetic
141 UI cosmetic
142 UI cosmetic
143 UI cosmetic
144 use more native style for LButtonGroup on OSX 10.10
145 UI cosmetic
146 use LButtonGroup for next/prev buttons in search panel
147 add smaller variant of LButtonGroup
148 UI cosmetic
149 UI cosmetic
150 UI cosmetic
151 [VALENTINA] Tests: corrections
152 [VALENTINA] Tests: corrections
153 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Table: corrections for indexes. Skip tests after representation of in...
154 [APPLICATION] Tests: corrections for checking dialog name
155 [SQLDIFF] tests: fix assert
156 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create link: few tests for design link was added. Small fixes for MSSQL Model
157 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create link: few tests for design link was added
158 UI cosmetic OS X
159 fix build
160 mac test script - added removed .of *.bad files
161 fix use Ctrl-1/Ctrl-2 in tabs, fix for report editor
162 VStudio: close main windows before exit on File->Quit - it allows to store unsaved changes or eve...
163 changes for menu
164 remove old icon
165 changes for menu
166 move settings to preferences dialog
167 add menu items to switch editor/recents
168 fixes in scripts
169 changes for menu
170 changes for menu
171 don't copy appmenu plugin to packages, we have alternate packages for system Qt and plugins
172 removed workaround for Windows, bug is fixed in Qt 5.5
173 vServer fixes
174 Fix for vClient_tests project
175 [QUERY EDITOR] the crash was fixed for Binary Links
176 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: corrections to call dialog in Design mode
177 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create link: few tests added
178 vs script - if there was crash (we have found crash-log) then we copy to .xml.bad, so this file w...
179 removed workaround for retina, it is no longer needed
180 [NEW] vSQLite - SqliteStatement::SqlQuery() - stub's imps + tests.
181 fix in script for vstudio test.
182 updated Qt to 5.5 on OS X 1) Removed install_path change for Qt, use Runpath Search Paths setting...
183 [NEW] vSQLite - SqliteStatement::SqlQuery() - stub/proxy.
184 [APPLICATION] Tests: corrections for tests that leads to crash - now they will be "failed".
185 [NEW] vSQLite - SqliteStatement::SqlQuery() - fix visual vShared project.
186 [NEW] vSQLite - SqliteStatement::SqlQuery() - fix linux vShared project.
187 [NEW] vSQLite - SqliteStatement::SqlQuery() - preparing steps.
188 visual vstudio - moved to QT 5.5 OK
189 small improvements
190 UI cosmetic
191 UI cosmetic
192 on execute query with some statements select tab with first result
193 small fix
194 fix sort plugins names in prefs dialog
195 remove unused method
196 small fixes
197 add function to select LTreeItem in QTreeView
198 clean code
199 update icu headers
200 update icu so
201 update icu build script - use icu 5.4
202 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: tests added
203 LT: update minimum width of Create Table dialog accordingly to changes in tabs text
204 fixed spacing between reset button and message
205 clean code
206 add svg icon
207 ReportEditor: removed unused method declaration
208 ReportEditor: use grid layout to fix UI on windows
209 update icon
210 fix show icon of valentina index in autocompletion menu
211 use colors in autocompletion menu
212 fixed build test on win
213 add svg icon
214 build scripts - small refactoring and add of win script to check all archives exits before upload...
215 fixed build tests
216 Valentina: added check to avoid crash in test
217 don't show tips for idents in comments
218 use default values if real non-changed property is disabled
219 fix use correct flags for non-changed propertties on update values
220 use menu to select field's type for SQLite
221 small fix
222 don't use pointers to LProperty
223 use shared data for properties
224 mac - test scripts - correct final VstudioTests.xml for Jenkins
225 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: few tests added, corrections for model
226 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: corrections for plugin models, few tests for initial dialog sta...
227 MySQL: fixed crash on connect on Windows - init must be called before any other API function call
228 fixed types test
229 Postgres: fixed types lists
230 Valentina: returned creation of multiple files database by default, added comment, updated/added ...
231 mssql added int oscript
232 fix command in script
233 LT: fixed frequent crashes on Windows - don't use invalidated iterators
234 small fix
235 show additional properties
236 restore scrollbar position on refill list after external changes
237 show additional properties in table editor's lists
238 UI cosmetic
239 UI cosmetic
240 clean code
241 mac - vstudio test scripts - improved.
242 ODBC: fixed build
243 LT: fixed getting a temporary filename on Windows. Use wtempname, because wtmpname works only in ...
244 Update project
245 update project
246 [VSTUDIO] fix build for visual
247 small fixes
248 use menu for all plugins, split types by groups update project fix build on mac
249 [VALENTINA] Types: coorestions for changing proeprty Kind
250 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: refactoring - 1) class vsLinkEditorDialog removed, now is used ...
251 [APPLICATION] Tests (NEW: 10): preparation steps to test dialog "Create Link". Add 2 general test...
252 [VALENTINA] Tests: coorections to fix crash after change widget for comment in dialogs
253 win - new V4REV target added into compileAll script for Jeknins
254 updated post build visual script - copy Resources subdirectories (licenses/data/scintilla color s...
255 V4RB - attempt to fix for lin build
256 fixed build on mac
257 win vserver installer corrected. files did go into wrong build folder. ops.
258 V4RB fix in their SDK: nil replaced to NULL
259 fixed debug build on Windows
260 LT: use QJsonDocument::fromJson to read default color scheme - fromBinaryData creates NULL docume...
261 edit valentina's field and method type using menu
262 add flag kPropCustomEditorMenu to show property as dropdown list with custom editor
263 update palette of editors on change selection in list editor, fix update selection on click sub w...
264 workaround to select QMenu item under mouse after call exec() method
265 7148: Add property to output of SHOW PROPERTIES OF TYPE
266 win - compile_all changed order, MT now first, because vstudio need that dlls
267 win roll back
268 [VSTUDIO] the neteans project was updated
269 [VSTUDIO] the visual project was updated
270 [Tests] small cosmetic changes
271 [APPLICATION] using structure instead of macro
272 [VALENTINA] Tests: small cosmetic changes
273 [APPLICATION] Tests: tests for dialog "Create Sequence" was moved from plugins to application
274 [APPLICATION] Tests (FIXED 3): tests for adding enum value and localization was fixed
275 [APPLICATION] the class vsTypeEditorDialog was removed
276 [APPLICATION] Tests: tests for dialog "Create Type" was moved from plugins to application
277 [APPLICATION] Tests: tests for dialog "Create View" was moved from plugins to application
278 add function to select value from list using popup menu
279 rename method to use similar names
280 win - fix - vstudio project now depends also on vkernel, vreport, vclient, to force MT dlls built...
281 UI cosmetic
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