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  3. Monday, July 13 2015, 05:38 PM
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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b21' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

FAQ about bug reporting
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
List of raw commits into Valentina GIT between b20 and b21

2 small fix
3 call OnChangeProperty only after save value
4 clean code
5 move code to common place
6 fix show bookmarks' descriptions
7 [VSTUDIO] corections for xcode project
8 [VSTUDIO] corrections for visual project
9 update trigger's table property on rename parent table/view
10 [SQLDIFF] UI corrections
11 clean code
12 clean code
13 fix assert, clean code
14 don't delete editors by itself - it will delete with parent tab/dialog
15 fix recreate triggers on rename view
16 [VSTUDIO] corections for xcode project
17 [VSTUDIO] corrections for visual project
18 add helper methods
19 don't notify about disabling of useless for model properties
20 hide useless model properties
21 fix update view's text on change name, need to use ProcessProperty to update values from model
22 warn about empty view's query
23 fix set default text for new views
24 cosmetic
25 move common code to single location
26 clean code
27 move common code to single location
28 move common code to single location
29 move common code to single location, clean code
30 move common code to single location, clean code
31 move common code to single location, clean code
32 fix notify views to update icon of SO object on add child
33 move common code to single location, cosmetic
34 move common code to single location, cosmetic
35 start move common code to single location
36 add base class for 'check' models, move code to common place
37 clean code
38 clean code
39 fixed release build
40 fix old commented code
41 [SQLDIFF] Wizard: UI corrections
42 clean code
43 fix possible crash, remove useless sub loop
44 clean code
45 clean code
46 revert changes for LObjectWithProperties::Get* methods
47 [LT] menu items for generating queries was turned off for Queries and Diagrams
48 [QUERY EDITOR] switched off ability to change source database or query
49 fix drop related indexes/uniques on clear field's 'indexed' flag
50 reuse index marked to drop on reset 'Indexed' flag of field to true again
51 cosmetic
52 update scripts
53 add evaluatuion of SO suffix in scripts
54 fix build upack project after changes in QTK
55 cosmetic
56 fix use correct icon
57 add svg icons
58 small fix
59 Force update databases and projects list on call register action
60 mark autochanged properties to not generate additional queries (need to check)
61 fix update pk/indexes on rename field
62 remove old files
63 clean code
64 cosmetic
65 LObjectWithProperties::Get* methods now return empty values for disabled properties
66 cosmetic
67 fix assert, UI cosmetic
68 adjust minimum width of type dialog
69 VStudio: removed an old localizations editor
70 updated visual project
71 updated netbeans project
72 corrected comment
73 updated Xcode project
74 use new localized values editor in type dialog
75 update icon
76 fix asserts, hide useless properties for new objects
77 force remove all editor on clear table
78 add second parameter to button_box to force select default button, clean code
79 vServer - REST - posible "data rising" on VSRV_REST_Client_Handler::Set/GetExpire()
80 vServer - REST tests. New test for not-latin sql-query. Currently off since we need utf-8 json pa...
81 vServer - REST fixes
82 [LT] corrected assert
83 use more short variant - qtk::ok, qtk::cancel etc.
84 UI cosmetic
85 [MYSQL] Schema: corrections for dialog 'Create Database'
86 [QTK] Button Box: 1) do not expand button box verticaly. 2) 'default' and 'auto default' flags fo...
87 fix misprint
88 use standard brush for Query Editor instead of svg texture
89 move icons and report styles to sub directories
90 add svg icon
91 [APPLICATION] Query Editor: corrections to avoid destroying properties of the query that not used...
92 [LT] ForeigDatabaseObject: support Comments for external stored objects
93 [LT] LQuery: updating text in the schema editor synchronysly with changes in query editor
94 [VSTUDIO] QueryEditor & LQuery: do not store preview
95 remove unused icon
96 added class to show localized values, not used yet
97 add svg icon, clean code
98 UI cosmetic
99 add svg icon
100 UI cosmetic for dump wizard
101 UI cosmetic
102 don't show comments for SQLite in editors, clean code
103 [MSSQL] Server Admin: UI Corrections
104 [MYSQL] Server Admin: UI Corrections
105 [POSTGRE] Server Admin: UI Corrections
106 [SQLITE] Server Admin (Client): UI corrections
107 [VALENTINA] Server Admin (Client): UI corrections
108 [VALENTINA] Server Admin (Client): UI corrections
109 vKernel_test - fix Test_VSQLite_WAL (it is for vlient_test only)
110 update icon
111 add svg icon
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