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  3. Friday, July 17 2015, 05:33 AM
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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b22' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

FAQ about bug reporting
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
Main changes

* V4RB SQLite
* API improved. Tests added. All Done.
* Docs on each method and property added. Check from Wiki6/Articles
* Sqlite class now can be used from Web project of Xojo.
* into VServer and V4RB added property SqliteDatabase.EnableSharedCache. It needs update VServer to use it. On the other hand please note it is mainly for LOCAL dibs, because VServer anyway will keep it = TRUE.

* Many small improvements in Valentina Studio overall.
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
List of commits into Valentina GIT for b22

1 small fix
2 ask about unsaved changes on press escape button in editor dialog
3 small changes
4 clean code
5 V4RB - more tests on new LibraryVersion, and own binding.
6 comment
7 fixed build on mac
8 updated visual project
9 add tests, rename function
10 add tests
11 clean code
12 remove old files
13 refactoring
14 We need mark Sqlite and Valentina RBDB classes as ConsoleSafe, to make them visible in the Web Xo...
15 TypeEditor: fixed adding a value from menu
16 V4RB - VSqliteDatabse.LibraryVersion property added.
17 V4RB sqlite - added property VSqliteDatabase.EnableSharedCache. Should be used for LOCAL dbs only...
18 comment about Drop()
19 cosmetic
20 vREST - RESTBody helper object to avoid multiple parsing for the same request.
21 vSqlite - EnableSharedCache is always true under vServer. Since it is what we want and there is n...
22 SQLite: restored setting shared cache option for local databases
23 NEW vSqliteDatabase::EnableSharedCache property - stub/proxy.
24 NEW vSqliteDatabase::EnableSharedCache property - preparing.
25 TypeEditor: 1) add new value only by button or by typing in the base value field 2) update locali...
26 add test
27 add test
28 UI cosmetic
29 clean code, add check
30 remove OnRename method, use OnPropertyChanged instead
31 TypeEditor: fixed enum value duplication
32 MySQL: add separate result for error from the next statement
33 MySQL: added missing processing of the error in multiple statements
34 SQLite: fixed create database dialog layout, set minimum width, use single setting for default fi...
35 SQLite: restored check for existing local database
36 V4RB Test project polished. Yet one crash fixed in sqlite cursor destroy. DONE: 1049 tests. Fail: 0
37 v4rb test - added checkboxes [x] Run Local, [x] Run Client. Button Start. Refactoring around this.
38 rename method to OnPropertyChanged, pass additional parameter - old value
39 cosmetic
40 SQLite: Don't change a default synch mode for server db
41 SQLite: restored loading of saved db preferences, added check
42 fix to add new correct values to localizations
43 vShared - new json parser xcode project
44 vShared - new json parser linux project
45 vShared - new json parser visual project
46 vServer - REST - new json parser + UTF8-UTF16 data convertions.
47 vShared - new json parser (simple and supports UTF8)
48 vServer REST tests for not-latin UTF8 queries
49 TypeEditor: keep focus on clicked localized value
50 TypeEditor: restore default palette for focused line edit for localized values as well
51 add tests
52 update tests - apply changes
53 small fixes
54 fix old code
55 UI cosmetic
56 add tests, clean code
57 fix regular expressions
58 add test
59 add tests
60 also show frame for focused QLineEdit in LModelListEditor
61 LModelListEditor: fix to use palette of table widget, reset palette of focused line edit
62 fix old tests
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