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  3. Friday, July 24 2015, 07:29 AM
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Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b24' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

FAQ about bug reporting
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
MAJOR PROBLEM: mac and linux vstudio - broken start of app.
So we do fast b25 build
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
1 V4RB - one more test of SQLite standard binding, with some developer mistake. Fixed crash in this...
2 Valentina: set localization properties also for new objects
3 [MSSQL/POSTGRE] Corrections for links
4 [QUERY EDITOR] Ui corrections for Mac
5 V4RB - new test added for multi-row binding. And fix.
6 add test
7 add test
8 fix don't generate duplicate unique for SQLite
9 changes for tests
10 fix broken code in SQLite plugin
11 [MSSQL] Data Editor: corrections for related tables from different schemas
12 [MSSQL] Data Editor: corrections for binary and picture data
13 [MSSQL] Model: internal usless property was removed
14 [MSSQL] Dialogs: UI corrections
15 [MSSQL] Model Field: fixed editor for the field type
16 [MSSQL] Dialogs: UI corrections
17 [MSSQL] Dialogs: use QTextEdit for comments
18 DataEditor: added svg icons
19 small fix
20 UI cosmetic
21 fix build
22 small fixes
23 add scroll area around editors in column view
24 changes for columns
25 V4RB bench project - new bench of BATCH mode for binding.
26 DataEditor: disallowed mark column movements, removed asserts
27 V4RB - new method VSQLitePreparedStatement.AddRow() to support multi-row binding.
28 vClient fixes for vSqlite stubs - db Close must invalidate statements' and their cursors' stubs
29 DataEditor: adjusted table header height
30 DataEditor: disable mark all checkbox, when no records available
31 DataEditor: added checkbox into table header to mark/unmark all records
32 [APPLICATION] SO: unused code was removed
33 [APPLICATION] SO: unused code was removed
34 V4RB - VSqlitePreparedStatement - added "SqlSelectAsJSON() as String" method
35 all RZ changed files [no_build]
36 more comments. [no_build]
37 V4RB - few functions now use new db.SqlExecute() method.
38 V4RB Tests - first test of destroying scenarios of objects.
39 comments and corrected log msgs.
40 [APPLICATION] SO: refactoring - 1) use references instead of pointers 2) common code has been mov...
41 [APPLICATION] SO: unused code removed
42 UI cosmetic
43 [NEW] vSqlite - fixes + tests for I_SqliteStatement::SqlMultiRowBind()
44 DataEditor: don't grow multiline indicator icon too much, small fix
45 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: corrections for tests of links between schemas for MSSQL
46 [MSSQL] Model: corrections to avoid assert
47 [NEW] vSqlite - stub/proxy for I_SqliteStatement::SqlMultiRowBind()
48 fix build
49 small fix
50 [NEW] vSqlite - prepare for I_SqliteStatement::SqlMultiRowBind()
51 fix update scrollbars in SchemaEditor's columns on change system settings
52 [NEW] vSqlite - fixes + tests for I_SqliteDatabase::SqlExecute() and I_SqliteStatement::PrepareAn...
53 [MSSQL] Model Tests: tests for links between schemas was added
54 [LT] LTreeItemDummy: corrections to quote idents properly in tests
55 [MSSQL] Schema: corrections for links between schemas
56 [NEW] vSqlite - minor fixes for I_SqliteDatabase::SqlExecute() and I_SqliteStatement::PrepareAndE...
57 [NEW] vSqlite - stub/proxy for I_SqliteDatabase::SqlExecute() and I_SqliteStatement::PrepareAndEx...
58 [NEW] vSqlite - prepare for I_SqliteDatabase::SqlExecute() and I_SqliteStatement::PrepareAndExecu...
59 restored showing more than two statuses of bookmark (from update task), correction
60 MySQL: show status of bookmark with wrong password as 'unknown'
61 fixed bookmark status update
62 [MSSQL] Schema: first step to support links between schemas - showing such kind of links
63 build - fixes in scripts that check prepared archives.
64 Valentina: 1) Fixed setting default logs folder on win 2) Fixed setting arbitrary logs folder to ...
65 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: comments added
66 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: tests for links between schemas was added
67 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: corrections to support links between schemas
68 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: UI corrections
69 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: UI corrections
70 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: the dialog was adapted for links between schemas
71 visual - vstudio instaler - now can copy sub-folders of Recources folder.
72 Postgres: fixed test
73 fixed build on win
74 SQLite: corrected error formatting
75 SQLite: fixed showing a connection error in Server Admin
76 Valentina: added/corrected tests
77 MySQL: removed update of non-existent property
78 [NEW] vREST - query binding.
79 [DATA EDITOR] Tests: new tests for links between schemas was added
80 [POSTGRE] Link: corrections for link between schemas
81 [POSTGRE] Tests: test for link between schemas was added
82 removed unused code
83 Postgres: fix for create function dialog
84 SQLite: fix refresh after server database has been opened
85 added missing icon
86 Postgres: fixes for ENABLED property of triggers, added test
87 V4RB - BenchServers project added into folder Examples/Advanced.
88 Postgres: removed update of non-existent property
89 [POSTGRE] Model Tests: new tests for generating quries for links between schemas
90 [LT] LModelPropertyChanger: corrections to fix asserts
91 [POSTGRE] Tests: prepared classes to replace test macroces
92 [VSTUDIO] small corrections
93 [POSTGRE] Links: corrections for links between schemas
94 [APPLICATION] icon added
95 [POSTGRE] Preparation steps to support Links between schemas. Just read and show for now.
96 V4RB - fixed destructor and integration methods to kernel dlls.
97 Postgres: fixed show materialized property of view
98 fixed misprint in messages
99 V4RB - Fixed destructor of RecordSet for Sqlite db.
100 V4RB - FIXED cactch macro for VSQlitePreparedStatement.
101 restored missing label
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