1. Erik Segerdell
  2. Valentina Studio
  3. Thursday, July 30 2020, 11:13 PM
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We are exploring ways to perform batch operations on multiple selected rows in tables that we display in our forms.

In the screenshot, a form displays a view containing a list of "observations". We want to be able to select one or more rows and then click a button once to perform an operation such as deleting or duplicating those rows. Ideally, there would be a widget to display checkboxes next to each row, as I've mocked up in the screenshot. In this example, clicking the "Delete checked" button would execute an SQL statement that would accept the "Observation ID" (primary key) values of the checked items (rows 2 and 4) and perform the desired operation on those records.

Is there a way to do this with the currently available widgets? If not, is it feasible to request this as a new feature? Our current workaround is to add a boolean column in the table which users can change to "true" for any rows they want to delete, but it's preferable to not add extra fields to the database just for UI purposes.

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Sergey Pashkov Accepted Answer
Hello Erik,

There is no such widget.
Yes, I think we can transfer this functionality from the Data Editor.
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