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  3. Saturday, February 25 2023, 06:44 AM
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Data Editor now supports working with very large data sets.

Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO

Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database management with diagramming, forms creation, reporting and database continuous integration. Available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • [New][Data Editor] Ability to show the current range with a pop up menu to move between data pages, even with huge tables (up to 100 million records).
  • [Fix][Diagram Editor][Windows]drawing issues for some monitors
  • [Fix][Data Transfer] – Show connections improvements.
  • [Fix][SQLITE] Updating of the ‘Indexed’ flag when using quoted identifiers.
  • [Imp][SQLITE] Optimize generated queries to add indexes.

All product updates are available for immediate download from the Paradigma Software download site. See the original announcement on the forum.
  1. https://www.valentina-db.net/2023/02/25/valentina-13-0-2-improves-studio-performance/
  2. https://valentina-db.com/docs/dokuwiki/v13/doku.php?id=valentina:releases:13.0:13.0#release_1302
  3. https://forum.xojo.com/t/valentina-release-13-0-2-improves-sqlite-support-millions-of-records-in-data-editor/74639
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