Valentina Studio + MS SQL server 2005 standard edition 86/64

Good day! I decided to connect to my test MS SQL server 2005 standard edition + WSUS all updates. The client connects, in all modes of authentication. Shows the list of databases. But when you try to open the environment, the application crashes. ...

AWS and running valentina server on amazon

Hi, I have tried to run VServer on a windows 2016 image on AWS (amazon). Running it internal works, but when trying to reach it from my local computer (mac) running VStudio, it get no luck... I have opened port 15432 in the sequrity at amazon,...


Hello please if someone helps me, I have working well in windows valentina, the time to place it on my virtual machine that has linux gives me error and indicates that the item does not exist, is installed v4rb 7.3 the same version of my valentina an...

Access 32-bit - ODBC Connection

Hi, I am trying out Valentina Studio. I come from MS Access. I am not a database wizard. Is it possible to connect to Access with Studio or does one need Studio Pro? I have tried without success. Access 2010 is 32-bit. Valentina is 64-bit. Ope...

Studio Pro feature request

This is a feature request and I am not sure how difficult or not it would be easy to implement (although I cannot imagine too difficult). As I spend more and more time with Studio Pro in my day-to-day database admin and management tasks, one feature...

Bug or a feature - incorrect placement of tables and other associated object using diagram feature in Studio Pro

I think I came across a bug in behavior of Studio Pro when designing table structure using "diagram" feature. Upon clicking "apply", instead of creating tables and other corresponding objects in the schema of our choice (the sche...

Merging Reports into 1 Documant

I have created a number of reports and I'm trying to merge them all into one document. I am using Xojo Webapp. This works ok if I print directly to PDF Creator. It asks if you want to merge documents. But this only works if you are on the server....

Incorrect record count in table property view

Please, take a look at attached screenshot. You will notice that the studio does not sort record count numerically under table properties views. Instead it treats everything as a string....

Report font size

The font sizes used in VStudio on reports are not the same size when printed as other applications (Word, TextEdit, etc.). I have to increase the font size by several points in VStudio to get the same approximate size that other applications produce....

Lost saved queries

Where are the saved SQL Queries stored? in updating the version I seem to have lost a number of saved ones that I had

Target fields repeating on link design

Hello, Most of my FOREIGN KEYS (links) got their SQL form wrong, with target fields being repeated over and over. Example: -- CREATE LINK "pessoa_id_fkey" -------------------------------- ALTER TABLE "public"."prest...

Documentation on using source control in Valentina studio pro

Do you have any documentation on how to use your implementation of source control with the Studio? I am embarrassed to say that its potential eludes me....

Valentina Release 7.5.8 adds fixes, PostgreSQL Update, Reports Improvements

Paradigma Software is pleased to release Valentina Release 7.5.8, which includes several improvements to the free Valentina Studio and also Valentina Studio Pro, the leading database administration and reports development tool on Windows, MacOS and L...

Foreign tables and servers in PostgreSQL 10 and beyond

I like Valentina Studio Pro A LOT. To complete my love fest with this app, however, I would like to ask a couple of questions in relation to PostgreSQL support in it: 1. Currently it seems that Valentina does not recognize foreign tables in Postg...

VPreparedStatement Question

Hi, I'm converting all my SQL statements to use the VPreparedStatement. I don't understand how the Init/AddRow combo is supposed to go together. The code below should get the child rows of the currently selected row in a hierarchical listbox an...

Strange query builder behavior

Going more through a query builder functionality in Studio Pro, I noticed a strange behavior which might or might not be a bug. That depends on whether I am using that feature correctly. Let me describe a perceived issue in my mind (see attached sc...

Happy New Year and Best Wishes in 2018

On behalf of the Paradigma Software team we'd like to wish our customers, friends, partners and visitors best wishes and good health in the new year. 2017 was a strange year for many, but it was in general a good year for Paradigma Software. Our expe...

Passing Xojo boolean parameters to report

I am trying to pass boolean values to a report from Xojo. Using/passing only string values works fine. I have defined some parameters as boolean. Because of issues trying to use the parameter directly in a print_if conditional (see below), I inclu...

Valentina issues with Postgres 10 pg_dump plugin - points to wrong version

I am running currently Studio Pro v7.5.7 64bit. When trying to create source control, PostgreSQL plugin fails on pg_dump because you are pointing to PostgreSQL 9.6 while I am running v10. How can I switch paths so Valentina uses right PostgreSQL vers...

Valentina Release 7.5.7 adds Improvements, LiveCode 64 bit Support, Update for Xojo for Windows

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 7.5.7, which includes fixes and improvements across all products as well as the first support for 64 bit LiveCode. Valentina Studio [Imp][VDB] Schema Editor now show the size of index [Fix 8111] E...

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