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  3. Wednesday, November 06 2019, 12:51 AM
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Paradigma Software introduces a complete solution for deploying LiveCode applications on macOS, Windows and Linux with comprehensive reporting features.

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Reporting for LiveCode bundles together several professional solutions that extend LiveCode with advanced reporting features.

What is Included

  • Valentina Studio Pro (select OS) with Report Designer for building, testing and previewing reports within a visual environment (reg $199.99)
  • Valentina Reports ADK for LiveCode components for deploying the reporting engine on macOS, Windows and Linux (reg $299.99)
  • Valentina Server /25 (select OS) that includes Report Server as well as Valentina SQLite DB Server, Valentina DB Server and Valentina Forms Server (reg $499.99, included free with bundle)

Reports are scalable from applications to Valentina Server and work transparently across operating systems for deployment. Valentina Report Objects include grids, sub-reports, graphs, charts, barcodes and more, and all objects can be scripted using JavaScript and SQL expressions. View and run reports right within the free version of Valentina Studio, Valentina Studio Pro, Valentina Server and within LiveCode applications with the embedded ADK report engine. Reports can also be exported as graphics, HTML, Postscript and PDF, with many printing options you would expect for building business applications, including labels, receipts and more.

Reporting for LiveCode regular price is $599.99, but during November 2019 is available for the introductory price of only $299.99. You can also add two additional options and get the same 50% off during November.

All products include 12 months of free updates and are fully up-gradable to other Paradigma Software products.

Save $300 on LiveCode Indy in November
As a perfect pairing with Reporting for LiveCode, you can also save during November on LiveCode Indy. Use the discount code VALENTINABUNDLE when purchasing LiveCode Indy on the LiveCode.com website and get your first year for only $199 (regularly $499). Sorry, this is for new users of LiveCode only.

Questions about Reporting for LiveCode? Ask on our dedicated Valentina Reports forum.
  1. https://www.valentina-db.com/blog/?p=2518
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Lynn Fredricks Accepted Answer
We've spoken with our friends over at LiveCode to extend this offer through the end of day Monday, December 2. That means you'll be able to get Reporting for LiveCode at this super discount and also get LiveCode Indy at the discounted rate of only $199.

In the meantime, also check out this interview with Trevor Devore, lead developer of Screensteps and long time user of LiveCode, discussing the feature he likes the best in LiveCode:

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