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  3. Monday, July 20 2020, 01:17 AM
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Create three forms: A, B, C. Do not connect them to a database (the same behavior occurs when they are).

Place a button on each form.

The button on form A contains this code on clicked:


import '/frm_B' as dlg

The button on form B contains the same code accept it is opening form C.

Form C will open form A.

Execute form A. Everything works until form C tries to re-open form A.

The error message below appears twice with the same timestamp:

20:57:04 frm_A: Import recursion.

I initially had two forms and wanted to go from form B to form A. Same error.

Is there a way to do this? Where one can open and close forms and re-open them from other forms?

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Sergey Pashkov Accepted Answer
Hello Kevin,

It's a limitation of the import function, we'll check how to improve it.
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