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  3. Wednesday, October 14 2020, 01:54 PM
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I'm devolping a mall tool in python which uses several sqlitedatabases for storing the data. At the moment the tool ist importing regular during the night data into the database, so that I can use the data during the day. The Problem is, that my data is always round about 12 hours behind live which now is getting sometime a problem. Thats why I want to migrate my data to sqlite db server. First of all I installed the vserver on my kali linux desktop pc and stored the databases on a Synology NAS and mounted the folder. That works perfect.

Now my questions. Is it possible to access the database direct from my python source code. I installed the Python ADK from Valentina and tried to explore the given examples, but on my both systems I get different errormessages (like you can see in the attached screenshots). I tried a first test with the followig lines wich are based on the examples of VPython.


# Location of the extension (if need)
import sys

# Import extension
import valentina

# Init valentina engine (don't need for client/server)
# valentina.init('VPTN-M-*', 'VPTN-W-*', 'VPTN-L-*')


# Remote server without database
#conn = valentina.connect('sa:sa@')
conn = valentina.connect('sa:sa@')

# Execute query
cursor = conn.cursor()
cursor.execute('SELECT count(*) FROM "block"')

# check some cursor properties:
print( "selected records count is:", cursor.rowcount )

for row in cursor:
print("Anzahl: " + str(row[0]))

except Exception as e:
print("Error-Msg. System: "+str(e))

Can somebody help me with this Problem? What I'm doing wrong?

Thanks a lot

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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer

1) Valentina SQLite Server was not added yet to VPython. On TODO.

2) Can you specify version of your Kali Linux?
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F H Accepted Answer
Is there another was to access the Sqlite Server via Python3?

My Kali Linux is Debian 5.4.19 from 17.02.2020 (Release 2020.1)
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Sergey Pashkov Accepted Answer
Yes, there is also the REST interface.
Switch between Valentina/SQLite databases is done using the "vendor" property.
  1. http://valentina-db.com/docs/dokuwiki/v10/doku.php?id=valentina:articles:vserver_rest
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F H Accepted Answer
I already try to use the REST-AP but I always get the message, that username and password are not correct.

For my tests I converted the Examples from the Wiki into Python3. I attached my example, which doesn't work.

I already try to use the default user sa with the password sa, but this doesn't work. :(
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F H Accepted Answer
Hello Sergey,

I found the reason for the authentication problem.

Attached I have a working Python3-Rest-API-Connection, maybe somebody need it.
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