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  3. Sunday, September 26 2021, 04:43 PM
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For a limited time, we are offering our Valentina Developer Network plans for 50% off through October 1, 2021.

VDN lets developers redeploy their OEM version to their customers in unlimited quantities and royalty free. This allows your single user application to become a powerful client-server solution or, build all server-based solutions around Valentina Server.

Valentina Server incorporates the following:

  • Valentina Reports Server. Works with almost all popular data sources. Register your projects on Server and serve reports to your clients in a variety of formats, including images, PDFs and more. Scripted, visual objects use JavaScript.
  • Valentina Forms Server. Works with almost all popular data sources. Register your projects on Server and 'serve' forms to anyone that has the free version of Valentina Studio. Scripted, visual objects use JavaScript.
  • ValentinaDB Server. Paradigma Software's own high performance, object-relational database server. Can also act as a data source for reports and forms.
  • Valentina SQLite Server. We've scaled up SQLite as to require the least impactful conversion from local only SQLite to SQLite on a server.

Valentina Server leverages all of the free Valentina Client APIs, so you have any number of combinations of programming languages you can use to build solutions, including Xojo, Java, Python, PHP and more.

VDN includes a developer license that works with all supported deployments of Server, including Windows, macOS, Linux (x86) and Raspbian (RaspberryPI version of Linux on ARM7). Yes, you can build client-server solutions with RaspberryPI.

This special offer includes 50% off VDN new and renew licenses, as well as our bundle with Valentina Studio Pro.

If you have an active Valentina Studio Pro license, you can also elect to upgrade your Valentina Studio Pro to Valentina Studio Pro Universal. This is a single seat license that will work on all three operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux. This is especially attractive to those that just recently purchased Omegabundle for Xojo 2021.
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