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Where is the download link for Valentina Studio (free)?

I placed and received confirmation of order # 210726 00157008 for Valentina Studio (free) for macOS today. Nowhere have I been able to find a link to download the software! In fact, the website is the most frustrating I have ever used -- links ju...

Is there a dark mode for macOS?

Hi! I've been using Valentina Studio on linux ... and wanted to try it on macOS also. But I see that it doesn't have a dark theme on macOS. Have I missed something and there is a way to enable the dark theme, or does the mac version just not have a d...

Creating Fileds

Do you have to create the fields in the filed design table in the order you want them to appear or can the field position tag be change to get the table to re-order the fields. If you cannot re-arrange the fields would it be better to create the f...

Field Design Table Icon vs Treeview Filed Icon

Is there a document that shows what the different icons mean? I looked online at the field editor help and it does not mention the different icons. My two part question is this: I have 12 fields >> 1 primary key has been defined and th...
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