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Editing records containing password hashes in MySQL with Valentina Studio

I tried to find an answer to this question but did not find it. I have a table storing user names and hashed passwords (php password_hash), and some other fields in MySQL. I can add a user with such a password, which typically start with $2y$ , bu...

How To Change Schema at Runtime

Hello! I have the following MySQL Schemas: - Branch01 - Branch02 - Branch03 They have the same tables and corresponding structures. I have a report that calls a stored procedure that pulls the data for the report. I designed my report using ...

Error message when creating a link in a diagram

Hello! I'm trying to use Valentina Studio as a new frontend for an existing MySQL database with about 100.000 records. The 10 minutes introduction video helped me a lot. When trying to create a link in the database diagram I got an error message. I...

Help for print a Report on .NET, using query prepared in VStudo

Hello. Here is my objective: I would like to create a project in Valentina Studio with the database and the query already set in the project, then i would like to call the project on my .NET app (VB.NET) and just print de report that i made before...

How to iterate a label

Hi, I created a label to print qr code from a receiving list. This receiving list has quantity of items received. From there, I need to print the number of qr codes per item. For example, I have the following; Items Quantity ------- ...

Support for MySql versions older than 5.0.6

I'm currently using Valentina Studio 7.4 in an Ubuntu linux and I'm trying to connect to an older mysql server database (older than 5.0.6). I still don't know the server version but if I try to connect with this version of VStudio, I get the error th...

Mysql SET statement

Hello, how do I set a variable session in sql Ex: SET SESSION group_concat_max_len = 1000000; When I associate in the datasource, it returns an error : 08:55:34 SELECT * ,extravios AS InternalReportField0 FROM ( SET SESSION group_concat_max_len...

Educational Discounts?

EcoReality Co-op is a not-for-profit co-op organic Permaculture farm in Salt Spring Island's Fulford Valley. We would like to use Valentina Studio Pro in our educational programs, to make propagation charts and plant bed assignments for students, ...

"pivot" even/odd?

I want to do something like the ability to change the style of even/odd rows, but only by columns; I want to have records with a certain field that is even show up on the left, and records with that field odd to show up on the right. I tried the o...

MYSQL SSL Certificate XOJO Reports

Is it possible to connect to a Xojo report create with Valentina to MYSQL db with a SSL Certificates?...

Xojo + .vsp + XAMPP

I created a file with valentine study ( " .vsp " ) that interfaces with MySQL . The file is called by codide through a webapp created with XOJO . Compile it and I move into the cgi - bin XAMPP but when I call the file does not open by retur...

mysql5.7 error

I'm using the free version of Vstudio. I think there is a bug in the studio with mysql 5.7 version. With older versions things are OK. Also have to mention, if I connect with every other IDE, i don't receive this error which is.. Error( 1055 ) 42...

Connect to MySQL-Server via SSH-Tunnel and two factor authentication

How can a connection to an remote MySQL-Server be established when the SSH-Login requires two factor authentication. In this case, besides private key, also an one time password has to be entered. Valentia gives me only an empty SSH-Error each t...
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