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Welcome to the Valentina Server Forum

This community forum is the place to discuss anything related to using Valentina Server. Valentina Server is the powerful database and reports server for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Below you can find few advices that should help you to start us...

Welcome to Paradigma Software Community Forums

Thank you for your interest in Paradigma Software products. These community forums are here to allow you to share information with other Paradigma Software product customers. The Announcements & News Category is where you can read about recent...

Welcome to the Valentina Studio Forum

This community forum is the place to discuss anything related to using Valentina Studio and Valentina Studio Pro. Valentina Studio is the free database administration tool from Paradigma Software, available on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows....

Going to start using Valentina

Hi! I'm on my way to start using Valentina in my work. To make the final decision I need your help. Haven't found some info that I'm interested in. Could you please help me? Is there in Valentina a report viewer that could be embedded into the appli...

Add SQL statement to a Studio Form button

I began using Pro Serial this week, so I am new at the game. I am trying to figure out how to add a Button or a Tool Button to a form and have it perform an SQL statement. I am using a local database with SQLite. I have an 8 field table into wh...

Connecting an SQLite database (.db) to Valentina Server

Hi, new here. I have an existing SQLite (.db) database that I want to use via Valentina Server. My objective is use Valentina Server so multiple threads can write and update to the SQLite database in question at the same time, thus overcoming concu...

Foreign Key Setup Possible Error in Studio Free Version

After experimenting with creating foreign keys I found the following possible application functional discrepancies: I realize some of these functions are only available in the pro version BUT the diagram does actually allow you to create links in ...

Creating Primary Keys

Can someone add clarification as to why creating primary keys has a separate design tab? Is it to allow an easy way to create multi-column keys? Is there a way to indicate a single filed is a primary key when you create the filed or is only acc...

Sorting and Unsorting Fields

Is there a way to show the filed position column in the column view table? EXPLANATION OF QUESTION Sorting fields in design tables seems to have different behavior depending on if you are viewing the field design table trough a tree view or a...

Creating Fileds

Do you have to create the fields in the filed design table in the order you want them to appear or can the field position tag be change to get the table to re-order the fields. If you cannot re-arrange the fields would it be better to create the f...

Inserting a field between existing fields or move fields up or down in the design view

When creating fields is it possible to insert a new filed between existing fields? Is is possible to move fields up or down in the field design view?...

Install VServer on Ubuntu

Hello, I installed the Free Version of Valentina Server on an Ubuntu 12.04.4 server, then I started it. Until there all seems to be ok, i don't have any error messages, but I don't find the INI file nor the master DB which are supposed to be crea...

Valentina Tutorial

Im now setting up Valentina with Xojo (Hello from the Xojo Community!) Now the plugin is installed and the server is up and running, is there a Valentina tutorial I can follow ? ...
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