Valentina Server Features In Depth

Automate business and data management processes with Valentina Server support for triggers and event scheduling.

Create Events for Essential Tasks

Valentina Server includes a robust event scheduler so you can execute essential tasks automatically and more efficiently than using a CRON job.

Valentina Server Event Scheduler One time or periodic events can execute automatically on Valentina Server based on any Valentina SQL command.

Work with Existing Events

Server events are stored in the Master Database of Valentina Server and not in the individual database, allowing events to be easily reused with multiple, registered databases.

You can interactively browse events already stored on Valentina Server with SHOW EVENT, enable, disable events or temporarily modify events with ALTER EVENT. Browse Events, Enable Events, Disable Events using SQL

Working with Events with Valentina Studio

Valentina Studio provides you with a high productive, easy to use visual SQL Editor and other tools for working with events.

Valentina Studio SQL Editor Browse events and their properties, create and manage events and more with the Valentina Studio SQL Editor and other editors.