Valentina Reports Core Features In Depth

Freely open, navigate, customize and print reports created in Valentina Studio Pro in any version of Valentina Studio with Valentina Reports Viewer.

Valentina Reports Tab in Valentina Studio

Valentina Reports are contained in Valentina Projects (.vsp files). These project files are created in Valentina Studio Pro. Valentina Projects can include layouts, connections, queries and everything else associated with a report. All versions of Valentina Studio can preview these reports.

What You Can Do with Valentina Reports Viewer

Preview Reports
Open a .vsp file in any version of Valentina Studio, including the free version, and navigate forward and backward
Modify Data Sources
Customize or modify where you source your data
Modify Queries
Modify your queries so you can explore alternate scenarios
Print Reports
Select paper formats, set custom print sizes and set printer specific options
Export Reports
Export as PDF, HTML or other supported export formats
Use Command Line
Use a command line interface to generate reports from terminal or automation scripts

You can preview single and multi-part reports in Valentina Reports Previewer


Preview Reports in Applications

If you develop applications with Valentina Reports ADK, you can utilize parameters in your data driven applications in the same way that Valentina Studio does.

Read the documentation for VReport.SetParameterValue() in the Valentina Documentation.