Valentina Database Core Features In Depth

Supports temporary in-memory databases and tables for ultra fast performance as well as blazingly fast disk based performance.

In Memory RAM Based Data Management

Work with schema, data, indexes, BLOBs and temporary volumes as your project requires.

  • In Memory Data Management. Create and manage entire in-memory databases(even while you work with disk-based database)
  • Temporary Tables. Valentina DB can create temporary tables that reside entirely in memory
  • Temporary Fields. Valentina DB has the unique ability to create temporary fields since Valentina stores data in columns

Database models usually follow a disk-based or RAM-based model, or more uncommonly, a hybrid system. Valentina uses both models, interactively - Valentina disk-based and RAM-based databases can use the same API.

Because of the physical constraints of RAM, databases optimized or entirely stored in RAM usually have to have a more simplified internal structure compared to disk-based databases. RAM-based databases usually use simple algorithms such as binary search by array, and quick sort.