New update for free database management tool and commercial Valentina Studio Pro represents a next step in the evolution of the data management system for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Paradigma Software announces a major update to its visual database design and management product Valentina Studio. Valentina Studio Pro includes several key improvements, as well as two highly requested features: JavaScript automation and code generation.

New Features in Valentina Studio Pro 7.1

These features are available only in the commercial version of Valentina Studio Pro. If purchased Valentina Studio Pro within the 12 months prior to this release, the upgrade is free.

  • [NEW][JavaScript] - Integration of QT JavaScript engine into Valentina Studio
    • JavaScript objects integrated to QT GUI objects (Windows, Menus, Dialogs, etc)
    • JavaScript objects integrated to DB objects of Valentina Studio
    • HELP for JS objects integrated directly into Valentina Studio Pro
  • [NEW] [Script Editor] adds auto-completion and syntax coloring
  • [NEW][Data Editor] - Update ALL/FILTERED/SHOWN values of a field for multiple records.
  • [NEW][SQL Editor] - Format text of SQL queries
  • First examples of Code Generation for Xojo

This first implementation of JavaScript automation will allow developers to write their own powerful scripts to access all features within Valentina Studio Pro.

The code generation feature enables Valentina Studio Pro to generate native programming code for interacting with Valentina objects. The first implementation is for use with Xojo Inc's Xojo cross platform development tool and even generates native Xojo projects in XML. Xojo was prioritized because of the currently available Omegabundle for Xojo 2017, which includes Valentina Studio Pro.

New Features in Valentina Studio 7.1

All the features for the free Valentina Studio 7.1 are also available in Valentina Studio Pro 7.1.

  • [NEW][VDB][Data Editor] - Edit the data of KeyValue objects (including images) in the Valentina 7.x release of Valentina DB KeyValue database
  • [NEW][SQL Editor] - Export SQL result to Excel XLSX format, including images
  • [NEW] Dump database to Excel XLSX format, including images
  • [Imp][Mac] QT framework updated to 5.7.1 to address framework based issues

 Documentation and some example projects are updated and available on the Paradigma Software WIKI.

The commercial version, Valentina Studio Pro is available for $199, or in a Universal version for $399 licensed for use on all three operating systems (MacOS, Windows and Linux). Educator pricing is also available. If you own a competing product to Valentina Studio Pro, you can take advantage of a competitive upgrade.