Paradigma Software creates market leading cross-platform data management and reporting solutions. Reporting for Python includes a tool set and deployment components for adding advanced, programmatic reporting to Python based solutions on Windows, macOS, Linux (x86) and Raspberry PI (Raspbian on ARM7) and available as a reliable, all in one set for both app and server-based deployment of data solutions.

Reporting for Python includes the following tools and components:

  • Valentina Studio Pro (Select OS Version). Design, script, test and deploy Valentina Report projects with the best cross platform tool for database management, reporting and forms solutions, that supports all major database systems including MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and more. Report projects can be deployed with Report ADKs or Valentina Server or viewed through free standard Valentina Studio on macOS, Windows and Linux.
  • Valentina Reports ADK for Python (including macOS, Windows, Linux (x86) and RaspberryPI (Raspbian on ARM7). Client and local storage for standalone applications that supports all major database systems.
  • Valentina Server /25 (Select OS Version). Included at no additional cost. You can also serve Valentina Reports from Valentina Server. Valentina Server includes Valentina Reports Server, (works with all major database systems) ValentinaDB Server, Valentina SQLite Server and Valentina Forms Server. Valentina Server also has a free client system that works with Python, Java, C#, and other development platforms.

The regular price for Reporting for Python is $599 per developer seat, but with an introductory price of $359.40 through December 1, 2021.

Valentina Reports enables developers to build visually attractive Reports Objects that can be deployed with local applications (via Valentina Reports ADK), served through Valentina Server or just deployed for free with Valentina Report Viewer. The free version of Valentina Studio acts as a free Reports Viewer. Developers can add parameters to reports to allow end users to select and modify parameters interactively to generate updated or custom output. Reports themselves can output as graphics, text, PDF and more.

All products include 12 months of free updates and licenses do not expire at the end of the update period.

Python is increasingly a platform for building solutions across many vertical industries.

More information on the product is available on the Paradigma Software website.