Valentina 4.9 Features Query Statistics Profiling, Reports Previews and 100+ Improvements

Paradigma Software announces technology release 4.9 of Valentina DB, the most advanced cross platform columnar database system and Valentina Reports, the business data reporting platform for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. This release incorporates over 100 improvements and new customer requested features.

Valentina DB 4.9 includes several powerful new features and many improvements, including Query Statistics Profiling and Client Caching of Server-Side Cursors. Query Statistics Profiling allows database administrators to diagnose performance bottlenecks in queries. Client Caching of Server-Side Cursors allows any Valentina Client to cache data from server-side cursors, allowing a x 10 performance improvement for accessing data. Valentina DB 4.9 also incorporates improvements for XML exports, SQL dump import and exports, highly efficient macros for C++ developers, 64 bit signed .NET development, and compatibility with REAL Software's REAL Studio Web Edition.

Valentina Reports 4.9 includes improvements in layouts, including expressions within the HTML control, aspect control of embedded and field pictures, and compatibility with REAL Software's REAL Studio Web Edition. Valentina Reports is available as a developer solution for embedding rich, visual business reports in applications, and is also incorporated into Valentina Office Server at no additional cost. Developers can visually build templates in Valentina Studio Pro that work across all supported development environments and operating systems. Valentina Reports with support for other database platforms, including SQLite, PostGre and MySQL databases are currently in development.

Valentina Studio is Paradigma Software's visual database tool, for database design, administration and visual report building. Release 4.9 supports interactive, live previewing of business data populated reports, new text display styles, new auto shape styles, exporting to SVG and Postscript, and dozens of interface and usability improvements. Valentina Studio works with Valentina DB, SQLite, with support for PostGre and MySQL entering into public beta within the next two weeks. Valentina Studio Pro also allows easy conversion from SQLite databases to native Valentina DB format. Valentina Studio Pro is currently available in a watermarked, free version and a paid for version with no watermarks.

The free iValentina database apps for iPad and iPhone incorporate new usability improvements, including new tab panels for quickly switching between database views and enhancements for the virtual keyboard.

Valentina Office Server combines both in an ultra fast, business ready server solution on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and includes Valentina Studio Pro for database creation, reports design and analysis. Valentina Office Server begins at $299.99, with an unlimited version at $1,499.99, making it one of the least expensive commercial database servers available. Valentina Embedded Server is a royalty free, deployable version of Valentina Server for developers that license Valentina Developer Network. A 100% free version of Valentina Server for Linux is available for non-commercial purposes and evaluation.