Paradigma Software, makers of the ultra fast database technology Valentina, announce the immediate availability of iValentina for iOS.

 iValentina is a powerful database management that allows database administrators and managers to remotely manage, administrate and query remote database servers. iValentina for iOS is available in two formats: one specifically designed for use on the Apple iPhone, and the other for use on the Apple iPad. iValentina features include:

  • monitor availability status of Valentina Embedded Server, Valentina Office Server
  • manage users, user rights and user passwords
  • create/drop databases used on the server
  • create/drop/edit tables, fields, views, links, triggers, stored procedures
  • execute SQL queries using the powerful SQL Editor

iValentina for iOS SQL Editor includes:

  • auto-completion of standard SQL statements
  • a powerful function browser
  • a history of SQL queries
  • favorite queries storage so you can use them at a later date
  • logs / output / warnings / tune panels for remotely diagnosing issues and optimizing performance
  • view result records in easy to manage table and form layouts

iValentina for iOS is a powerful, remote client for Valentina Office Server and the developer oriented Valentina Embedded Server. Valentina Office Server is a powerful analytical database and business intelligence server on the Mac OS X, Linux and Windows platforms. Valentina Office Server is based on the ultra-fast, modern columnar Valentina DB, which allows SQL queries to run with hours to minutes, minutes to seconds speed compared with relational databases. Valentina Office Server also incorporates a complete server-side business reports engine that allows very powerful business applications to be written in PHP or Ruby on Rails. Developers can directly connect their applications using over 26 native drivers, including ODBC, .net, Objective-C (iPhone, Mac OS X), LiveCode, REAL Studio, Adobe Director and more.

"iValentina enables advanced business users, administrators and developers to take advantage of the incredible speed of Valentina Office Server wherever they are. You can get back the results of complex queries against large data stores remotely, right in the middle of a meeting. And best of all, because iValentina is free, this advantage can be extended to any number of users and customers,"said Ruslan Zasukhin, VP New Technology Paradigma Software, Incorporated.

Valentina Office Server is also currently featured in the Omegabundle 2011 for REAL Studio special offer package, a set of $3200 of professional development tools for REAL Studio developers that saves over 80% off the total price. More information is available on the website.

iValentina for iOS is free for all users of Valentina Office Server and Valentina Embedded Server. iValentina for iOS can be downloaded immediately through the Paradigma Software iTunes Developer Page: