Valentina Database Core Features In Depth

Work with descendants and ancestors, ROOT records. Valentina DB queries can reduce query length and complexity by 80% or more.

Valentina Database has a highly efficient mechanism for working with hierarchical data that requires less coding to use and less memory overhead.

Efficient Links Instead of Tables

The Valentina DB solution for recursion uses a link and not a self-recursive table for a cleaner and more efficient work with hierarchical data. Multiple links can be used, each defined with its own hierarchy of objects.  The end result is faster, easier to read queries and use using Valentina SQL:

  • has a natural and clean syntax, with much less text to write
  • is easier both to write and read a query
  • has a unified syntax for all 3 possible kinds of queries: descendants, ancestors, brothers
  • needs only a few parameters to control any possible aspect of a recursive query
  • uses fewer resources (disk and RAM) because there is no need to produce intermediate JOIN tables
  • faster because implemented on the low level of Valentina Kernel instead of using SQL tricks with recursive CTE