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Valentina Server also includes Valentina Reports Server, an enterprise reports generation solution. Not only can your users safely modify a SQLite database in multi-user mode, Valentina Reports Server can use the same database to generate richly formatted reports as HTML, PDF documents and more.

The Reports for SQLite Problem

Have we overused the word scalability? Serving reports from a SQLite source has two scalability problems. The first is scalability of the source SQLite database itself. The second is having a reporting system that works equally well with, and is transparently scalable from a local SQLite database to a server SQLite database.

Why You Select Valentina Reports Server

The visual reports you build are transparently scalable to SQLite with your local application to a served report from Valentina Server.
ALL Databases
You can use SQLite now, but you can use the same server implementation with most popular databases available.
Native Deployment
Valentina Server is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Free Updates
This is how a subscription should work. This isn't rental software. You get all the updates that come out over the next 12 months.