Valentina Database ADK In Depth

Deploy the component with an unlimited number of applications and unlimited number of databases, royalty free.

12 Months of Updates

Your original license and all updates to your licenses include 12 months of software updates. It doesn't matter if the updates are major releases (6.0, 7.0, 8.0, etc), minor updates (X.1, X.2, X.3, etc) or even simple fixes or 'hot fixes'. If your license was granted within the last previous 12 months, your license will work with the new version.

Non Rental "It Continues to Work" Licenses

If your 12 months of updates passes and you don't update your software license, your old license continues to work. You don't have to worry that the deployable portions of the Valentina product are going to quit on you.

Royalty Free

Some Valentina products are re-deployable to your customers. Under a royalty free license, you do not have to pay each time you re-deploy to your customer. Your right to do this continues even if your 12 months of updates isn't renewed.

Read the EULA associated with the product you license from Paradigma Software. Valentina is licensed, not sold, so the End User License Agreement for your product determines all terms of acceptance and termination.